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Who doesn't have some kind of physical ailment? Could you partner with your body to bring physical healing?

Some might say that by the time you are over 30, especially 50, that it is normal to have some kind of wear and tear or imbalance in the body

It IS normal, but what I have learned is optimal function is possible, even after long term great imbalance and illness

I lived my life with hormone imbalance from the age of 8 to my mid thirties. By the time I was in my mid twenties I had stage 3 endometriosis growing all over my organs and adhesions growing between my free floating organs making them stationary and super painful. It was wreaking havoc on my life. I'd had several surgeries and medically induced menopause, plus other medications. My doctor and I were planning a hysterectomy.

I ended up healing that endometriosis with food and energy medicine, going on to get pregnant naturally and carrying my son to full term

What I had not perfected was how to get passed the interference between my gut and the deep recesses of my mind to know how to support MY unique body with what would serve it the most. I didn't know that internal interference was even a thing!

I had not learned to access the parts of my brain that knew everything about my body or about the well of wisdom that knew how to heal what was able to be healed.

I had released much of the trauma in my body with my work over the years, but I had not learned about brainspotting to get to the deepest roots of that trauma in the brain.

Last year when I was diagnosed with tumors in my liver which were probably malignant, I was given the opportunity to learn about that interference and how to get passed it. I was able to use the brainspotting, that I had only just learned, to receive my treatment plan from myself.

Bear in mind, I used science AND my innate intelligence to heal my liver and loose the tumors that had made a home there. I was partnering with a doctor who I ran everything passed and supported me.

I want to teach you how to befriend your body, and I want you to trust the wisdom of it when you tap into the deep recesses of your mind to find out how to support your body the most. I want you to use science, food, energy, and your free will or CHOICE to heal.

Choice is huge! Every time I woke up in the middle of the night or in the morning, the first thought that arose was, "dang, I have cancer and my brother died from this one" and then the next thought would be "I choose to thrive, I choose to live my best life" and then I would get up in the morning with an attitude of thriving. There was no room for what if... My friends from time to time would say what are you going to do if... And I would say "nope, I will not entertain that now. If I have to in a few months, I will. But not right now. I must keep my focus strong"

I could not have been more confident, which made some people uncomfortable and other people inspired and amazed.

I understand that some things can't be healed or fully healed. In those cases we can still support the body with love, with herbs, with food and use the wisdom of the body to create a life we love, in spite of illness, full of what our body and soul require for this incarnation.

What is your choice? How do YOU create the most of your life? Could you partner with your body better in order to do that?

Our bodies are miracles, and wouldn't you love to know how to work WITH this intelligent vehicle to get you closer to vibrant health? Would you like to get closer to a life of meaning and order and trust that you really are doing everything you can for your body, your health, your life and your relationships? Because this really is all connected.

I have a two day foundational body class coming up Saturdays January 28 and February 4. From 2-4pm both day

If you know me, you know I have designed this class to be fun, but this class is far more practical than my typical classes. We are getting down to business, which is why I am keeping it small. Only 6 people.

We will have a snack and cup of tea. There will be handouts and homework between classes. It will be exciting. It will be hope inducing. Most of all, it will be empowering!

We are using energy and meditation as a part, but this is not airy fairy

Use this link to register. This price is an introductory price. It will only go up. This is powerful work and will prepare you to tap your infinite wisdom for all things in life

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