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Discover or rediscover your creativity

 Increase productivity

Reduce anxiety

Dissolve the  blocks in your brain that keep you from joy or knowing yourself 

BrainSpotting opens your mind and connects you to your body in a deep way that talk therapy or  energy healing  can't

In person and online


Brainspotting was discovered by Dr David Grand, who was creative enough to change the way he was using EMDR. I have played with changing the way Dr Grand teaches it, as he suggests people do.

When he slowed down the movements, he found  there was a glitch in the eye movement, that connected to the place in the brain where trauma could unwind. The client can  feel it as well, in the eye and in the body


I have found that when we ask the right questions, we can also find the places that know how to physically heal, connect to the more magical parts of ourselves and we can find where our eternal wisdom, creativity and fluidness springs from

Everyone I know who uses Brainspotting also recommends somatic work to follow these sessions and I have found a way to do both in the same sessions, so you leave more integrated than if you have not done additional work with your breath and your body


Please reach out if you have questions


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