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The ocean that is you

I had an interesting experience recently that I have been sharing in meditation gatherings. What does the whole you, the real you, feel like?

The teacher in my nervous system class asked me this, and I was surprised that the only answer I got was calm. She wasn't having it. So, we got the protective parts of me out of the way and when she asked me that again, I felt like the whole ocean, the depth of it, the expanse of it, the power AND the play of it. The ocean is everything, can be anything and I experienced me as it like never before, and I take time every day now to experience that connection to the largeness of me

I feel different, and I am still getting used to it, but I like it a lot

So, I ask you, what does the wholeness of you feel like? It doesn't have to be the ocean, it might be the forest, space, the mountain, river or something else entirely different, but what connects you to the largeness, the wisdom, clarity and full consciousness of you?

The unlimited YOU

I promise you, if you connct to that, you will live on this earth differently. Not without problems, but you will be able to walk your way through it with more ease, more clarity, direction and more space

If you need support to connect to that part of you, please reach out, I would love to support you in that connection. Click here to book a session or reply to this email to take advantage of the sliding scale

Quantum clearing sprays and Hawthorn Berry Elixir

I have loved making medicine for years. Usually I only use it in class or for myself around the house. I don't have pretty lables yet, but I am moved to offer these products to you becasue I love them and people have been asking for them

If you are familiar with sage or palo santo for clearing with smoke, know that these sprays do the same thing to clear negative or clingy energy without smoke, but they also restructure or strengthen new neural pathways in the brain and the energy structure of the body using monoatomic elements like gold, silver, platinum, boron, phosophorus and others

I refresh my bed after dreams, I spray myself after I have been around someone difficult. We live in a world with all sorts of distortion and it is important to clear ourselves often. We can do this with intention and washing our hands or taking a shower, but somehow these sprays make it easier and automatic, and they smell wonderful. They also offer something more to strengthen us

I have found that I can spray the top and bottom of my spine for physical alignment and strength

Hawthorn elixir is medicine for the heart, and I find that in addition to the feeling of a mother's hug, this also calms the adrenals as an after effect. I usually take a few drops, let it settle my heart and then take a few more drops and feel the whole body relax.

Hawthorn connects to the fairy realms of joy, and taken regularly helps with this aspect more. It makes a wonderful addition to cacao

It is made with hawthorn berries soaked in brandy, vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom, then I charge it with a grounding mix of minerals to aid in helping you feel safe in your body and close to the earth

Each of these products are $20. Let me know if you are interested and I am happy to let you pick them up, drop them off to you if you are local or send them to you if you are not

The Food Relationship Class

Was a success AND I have already decided that I can imporove on it. I am SO greateful for those in the pilot program who have all had some shifts in their long standing patterns with cravings, making better choices with ease and becoming more aware of what foods do what in their body

It is my favorite thing to help people become more aware of their body and take steps to create health, vitality and longevity as well as set them up for more joy

I plan to have a new version of this class in June

Wednesday Evening Gathering

Click here to join us for a blue butterfly pea powder, lemonblam lemonade which is refreshing, great for the nervous system, it promotes outward beauty from the inside, it's beautiful and it tastes delicious

I have no idea what we will be talking about besides the geomagnetic storms, how those affected our bodies, and what an interesting thing to have witnessed

Monday morning we all mentioned how between Sunday and Monday we had all been crying, some of us felt fuzzy and today I woke up for more centered, productive and happy about it

I love having people to share in and talk about life with. What an interesting thing to be alive right now?!

Click here to join us. Remeber regisration closes at 6 Tuesday evening, but you can reply to this email or text to register

Much love


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