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Sheri Bagwell

Over the last 9 years I have helped hundreds of people find their center, resolve some of their most messy and distorted thought patterns.  People who have been able to create more intimate relationships with themselves and others.  


There is nothing more satisfying to me that watching you “make sense” of your life, neutralize your shadowy aspects and rediscover joy, meaning, connection and purpose.


Going through this process myself, has made me a better mother and friend.  It has given me more strength, balance and clarity of mind that I have needed to walk through all the ups and down of life being grateful for all of it.  


I began my professional life as a hairstylist.  Honestly as interested in the people and making them feel pretty as placing the color perfectly so they could look pretty.  


As I communicated with the people in my chair, they felt comfortable to tell me about all aspects of their life.  I asked great questions that helped them look at their lives in different ways.  I felt the things they felt.  I empathized.  Often people would come in to their next appointment and say things like, “you know, you said something that changed my life last month, and I just wanted you to know”


Once I became allergic to hair color and had to reluctantly give up that career that had provided so well for me and my family, I found meditation to be the only thing that could make the tears and that monkey mind stop.  I delved deeper and deeper into healing modalities to find my strength and a purpose and another way to provide when all of a sudden on November 11, 2011 I had a knowing.  I was to be a therapist.  I would take all my experience of listening to people, asking them questions, I would use all the modalities I found for myself and share them with others.


Beyond Therapy was born.  

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I will love all the parts of you, with  compassion and without judgment, until you can love them yourself

Sheri Bagwell

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