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Can you open to see reality WITH love?

It seems a dichotomy to see reality with love, because it is hard to love what we see when we are seeing our life/the world as not exactly what we want, but that was the message that came through after I read a beautiful text before we went into meditation Monday morning

"There's a mysterious door that appears when we stop attaching ourselves to the comfort of what we believe to be our obstacles. This is where the light of our inner fire appears. This is where we start to see, feel, and listen. This is where we stop pretending. And this is where we no longer seek refuge outside of ourselves" Tanya Lee Markul

We must be able to look at where we are, with love and compassion, in order to get where we want/need to go, especially if it is something far away from what we are experiencing right now

How freeing it can be, to allow what we perceived as obstacles to become nothing. A shift in perspective is required

This shift can happen through meditation, brainspotting, therapy, nervous system regulation, or something else. A simple choice is also a good option

Take a breath

Wednesday evening Meditation

I keep reading that May gives us many opportunities for growth. I hope you take the universe up on that. Spending time in meditation can be helpful to come into alignment and awareness of what your opportunites for growth are and what actions to take that facilitate that growth

Growth doesn't happen on the mat, but that is often where we find the alignment, the inspiration and foster the courage to take the actions

Join us for the sounds of the bowls and sink into yourself

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Private sessions

The best way to get laser focussd support for whatever is challenging you

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So much love to you


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