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Do you want to walk through the gate?

To live a life that is not tied to the patterns or expectations of the past. That IS available to us right now. I am learning more all the time how to deprogram and reprogram the mind, the nervous system and the body for health, vitality and longevity, which helps us get more clearly connected to our spirit whcih will guide us through the gate to a new experience of living

This last year or so has been a continuous deep education of the inner workings of the body. From these opportunities I have offered a few different kinds of classes so far this year, and I look forward to puting them all together as a series of classes or a full on course

We had the first Food Relationship Class last week. I know I can feel a difference in my digestive system and the one person I have talked to about it has said her awareness of her body is improving. I feel like with the addition of the nervous system classes I have been taking this spring, the next time I offer this class, I will need to have more sessions for a deeper and slower integration.

Monday Meditation message

We worked in the brain to unwind our own patterns and the generational patterns that we have been consciously and uncosciously experiencing at various levels as we walk through life

We tapped into our earth chakra and then deeper into the core of the earth to access it's primal energy, the wise energy that was always intended for this earth, but that we have strayed far from. We tapped into the intelligence of the stars and brought the wisdom of the future down through our head to allow the wisdom of pure earth and the wisdom of future down into the body to mingle

We worked in the adrenals to calm them and shifted something heavy that has kept them turned on high alert, we opened our heart, and by the end of the meditation we felt as if we were closer to the gate or even partially through, getting ready to pull our whole self through.

At Wednesday evening gathering, I would like to take this a bit further. I want to connect you to your whole self, play in that energy and use that energy to walk you into and through the gate if only for a few moments at a time

The more time we spend in the vibration of where we are going, the longer we will be able to stay there. Practice and training, this is what we do on the mat. Eventually you will take this new version of you out into the world

As always there will be some kind of herbal beverage to support our nervous system, the physical working of the body and our spirit. Plus the bowls, always the bowls

Click here to book Wednesday evening gathering this week or in the future

After 6pm on Tuesday reply to this email, call or text (770)235-7599 to join

Private sessions

The most direct path the healing the body, the mind or the spirit is going within. Have you tapped your deepest medicine within?

I also know that I wouldn't be where I am without the support of people to hold space, to ask good questions and carry the love I had not yet been able to touch myself.

I would be honored and grateful to support you

Click here to book online or reply to this email to book a session

Much love


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