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Contentment in winter and always

First thing I have to say, is thank you SO much to those of you who braved the cold temperatures last Wednesday evening and showed up to laugh and play and contribute to the words and re orchestration of energy that came in around contentment. I could not bring in what I do without you

We started with rose cardamom cacao and body oiling with rose infused oil and talking about winter, and how we were all doing with it? So many mainstream people are talking about their reorganizing and cleaning out, their preparation for the year, goals and dreams and then there is that knowing that winter is a time for deep rest, slower evenings and nurturing our personal under ground root system. Spoiler alert, I am doing both, wintering hard and enjoying small bits of reorganization and planning or dreaming. However, if you are not motivated to move forward with anything, please go into meditation or make art or dance and see if you are inspired to dream

We went into meditation with the sound bowls, as always.

The first question asked, has nothing to do with 'how", but the energy asked "Are you willing to sink down underneath this modern day programming of busy ness and sink into winter?"

Physically we sink in by nourishing our bodies

We talked about nourishment of the bones and the blood, the foundation of our bodies. Traditionally if you are an omnivore we eat bone broth, soups and we get so much nourishment for our blood and bones from that and greens like spinach. Root vegetables are also very nourishing this time of year

There is no way to be more content than to nourish your body. And by all means, if what came forward above does not work for you with the broth and the greens, then always go with your body and what it wants and needs (I have a class coming up to help you hear more clearly from your body about what it needs)

Emotional nourishment, is to love ourselves. To ask what our heart and our spirit need in a given day or week.

The recognition of our true soul's desire is born most often from a place of play or of stillness, which requires a certain amount of contentment in the moment rather than the hurrying from one thing to another, the need to be busy, or the idea we need to have lofty goals to be successful

We did some group brainspotting around this to get super deep into the concept of contentment, but just in your reading this, I know some dots may get connected and some freedom may arise

We recognized that contentment and complacency are two different things that are often confused, and why some people are afraid of contentment

We loved the parts of ourselves that were taught urgency to get somewhere as opposed to the natural flow

We brought love to the parts of us that believed that good ideas could be born from urgency, when that is clearly not how most of us work

We breathed into the solar plexus, the spleen and the pancreas specifically, where the thief of joy had prevented us from experiencing the sweetness of the season , the sweetness of life, and from separating us from our own life force energy since we had not honored our natural way of being

We acknowledged it wasn't our fault, we were programmed this way, to think that there was no beauty in stillness,

But now we are taking responsibility for breaking up those thought patterns and allowing our natural way of being to land, and maybe even enjoy winter, in the slower pace bringing love and contentment into our heart, into our mind and into our life, right here, right now

We only have two spaces available in the body classes

This is where we will allow ourselves to know/believe that our brain does know what is going on in our body, release the trauma that may have created the body imbalance in the first place and learn to tap deeply into the wisdom of our brain to find out if and how to heal our bodies, and if not, learn how to have a meaningful, productive life in spite of a health problem

January 28 and February 4

Click here to learn more

As always the most fun supportive evening of the week. We gather and drink warm beverages. This week chicory and chaga, for all the nervous system regulating, immune boosting, dream enhancing qualities it holds as well as the fact it is delicious with maple syrup, cinnamon and oat milk

Sound bowls always delight as well as the sprays that help set the mood bringing clarity, protection, balancing, grounding and lifting properties. Whatever you need, we have it!

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