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Would you like to experience something new?

This was the question we were given in meditation to disrupt the looping thought patterns.

The brain needs to be engaged differently, challenged and loved, in order to think differently. We tell the brain we love it and we are grateful for it and that we want it to be more effective. We want it to expand, learn, experience its full potential

The same thoughts create the same reality.

We don’t have to know what we do want to experience either, but to stop a looping thought in its tracks is a gift to yourself

We can then experience silence or we can create new thought patterns, but personally, I love silence. It leads to inspired ideas

We started meditation Monday with acknowledging the new year on the calendar, but also noticing that not many of us felt the “new year” spirit of moving forward. That is alright, we are at the beginning of winter and that is a time for rest and reflection, for allowing your roots to grow under ground

We were reminded that to spend time resting wasn’t about disassociating, it was reflecting and being present with yourself. You may take time to evaluate your year and see how you would like to grow or mature, but without chastising yourself, with acceptance and the energy of moving forward sustainably, supporting ourselves better than we ever have

We felt blinders come off around the outside of our eyes as we all agreed to see ourselves with more grace, we allowed blocks in the brain to collapse (this was all visceral) where we have been ‘protecting’ ourselves with thoughts.

In turn the blocks in our gut were able to crumble as well, the energetic places that prevented you from knowing, perceiving or accepting a higher perspective

It is safer to see clearly, it is safer to know yourself

As we keep coming back to the breath, back to the body, as we choose to stay aware we will be granted access to the bigger picture. We will see the way forward.

Uranus has been strong with us the last few months and it will continue to be strong in the astrology. Uranus changes things but he shows you the path forward if you are paying attention. He brings surprises. openings, experiences and opportunities greater than what your mind could have thought.

If we are holding on to our past or to what we thought we should want, we're not as open and available to what's new or to what's expansive or to creativity

We opened the back of our body and we let fear of the unknown go, we let expectations go and we breathed in the flexibility that Uranus requires

In times when the mind is holding on to old thoughts and claiming old patterns this question came in to ask your mind, Don't you want to have a different experience of life? we were encouraged to put this on paper and stick it to the wall, the mirror or somewhere we could see it every day to remind us to let go of the past and get prepared for the opportunities coming our way

We ended meditation with deeper integration between the mind, the gut and our heart.

Getting all our operating systems running on the same wavelength

I hope you will consider joining us Wednesday evening. I have made a new herbal oil reminiscent of our tea blend to soften our nervous system, calm and open our mind and relax deep in our bodies. I have added something called silence to move you deeper into meditation and help you translate the personal messages you receive

The community is the best part, we create a safe space to show up as yourself, to open, to be restored, find rest and acceptance for your body, your mind and your spirit.

Click below to register. Online registration closes at 6:00 tonight, but you may reply to this email or text 770-235-7599 to reserve a space

So much love to you wherever you are, whatever you are doing or not doing, you are loved. You are supported.

In gratitude


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