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Expansion and all the new things

I have been reading the energy report lately from Hare in the Moon astrology before meditations. Today's reading was about the Uranus and Jupiter conjunction, reminding us about the earthquakes that we are seeing in the world and feeling in our life and body, and making space for more of ourselves and other good things, even if we have to wade through some disruption (shit) to get to the good

This is life, friends, a series of ups and down, changes, joys, sorrows and lots and lots of in where nothing seems to change at all

I have started taking some new classes. I love continuing education!

The classes I am taking are about the nervous system, to help you change states with more ease. Read that as move ourselves out of fight or flight, or move ourselves out of freeze with greater skill. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to relieve themselves of stress and anxiety better. This can also help us work with energies like Jupiter (expansive, abundant and intelligent) and accept all that life has to offer us with more grace

I find it all very exciting to know more, experience more and to share it with you all. These are not easy times on planet earth for everyone, that is for sure.

The meditation on Monday started with clearing energy that is not ours, moved though the expansion of the rib cage, using our breath to move the ribs out, then allow the energy to move down our legs and ground us deeper into our earth chakra that we expanded last week. This helps us as the earthquakes rock the earth beneath us or the spaces and people around us

The food Class

The food class is almost full. This is the class you can take to reprpgram your brain around food, change your cravings to what actually supports your body, and lay the foundation for a healthier body, a more clear mind and a more connected experience with your higher self

Food is everything. It is how we fuel our body, it directly impacts our nervous system (stress response to life), how well we think, how we feel in our body and about our body

Click here to join us or learn more

They are online and they are different from my meditation classes in that you are staying conscious, upright and connecting to your body through your brain

I can't wait to support you with this. It makes a huge difference in your life and your health

Wednesday evening meditation

As always, join us in community, in sound, in energy, in love from and for the universe

The sprays have been varied, the beverages changing. I ordered an heirloom cacao today that I look forward to sharing soon if it is as good as it sounds.

My original intention for this Wednesday evening class was to cultivate a safe space for community to be themselves and drop into meditation to receive messages from within

The bowls help that happen, my presence helps that happen and the wonderful and loving souls who show up, help that happen

Private sessions

Do you need someone to meet you where you are and help you rise? Do you need someone to hold the metaphorical ladder for you to climb out of the basement? Are you ready to make time and space for yourself to grow and change?

I am here

If you need an appointment send a text, Click this link to book, or reply to this email if you would like to use the sliding scale. Sliding scale is $85 - $125 per session

I hope you are enjoying spring

Much love


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