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When to surrender or take charge?

Group meditation Classes are changing since I came home from Hawaii The format is still the same, with the addition of sound bowls On Wednesday we still have a beverage to calm our nervous system We still have herbal sprays and oils that smell amazing, We still have beautiful people and a safe space to share, but there is something I can’t quite put my finger on besides the fact a few people have dropped out due to living and work situations and location changes So, we have space, and we would love for you to join us and create the change in this class It is the people that create the class So, if you are looking for support, a deeper connection with your body and your life If you want to know there are people who see things differently and want to be part of that, please join us Wednesday evening 6:15 -7:45 Click here to sign up or respond to this email Registration closes online at 6 on Tuesday, but there still might be space Monday Meditation every week at 10am I am going to offer a Saturday cacao, sound and conscious breath work class September 16 10:30 - 11:45 am I don’t have a link for that yet, but respond to this email if you would like to attend and I will get a link to you

There is a time to surrender and a time to take charge. To know the difference, connect in and know yourself We did not have Monday Meditation this week, so I decided to look at Wednesday evening meditation and talk about that We talked surrender That is what we do on a full moon. As I read astrology reports, that is what we are all being called to do in September. There is a autumn type energy already and we are being asked to let go, go inward, and surrender deeply My personal life is giving me no other viable option with two more people I love The day after I came home from Hawaii, my weekly adventure buddy had a stoke and they found stage 4 pancreatic cancer, he has had another stroke this weekend and will be moved into hospice when he leaves the hospital One of my longest standing friends was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, which is a stage 4 brain tumor I didn’t see him every week, but he and his wife are my people. Since I was a teenager I went out to the country and spent the night at their house and still as a 50 year old, I go out to their house to spend the night a few times a year. That is where I went when I found out my husband had a girlfriend and we were getting divorced. They are that kind of friends How do I fully surrender to both of these situations at the same time? And does surrender look the same in both of these situations? As soon as I heard about Nick, I knew he would die from this. As soon as I sat on his bed at the hospital, I knew it would be quick, within 2 months I didn’t like it, and I flailed around at the universe taking it personal for a bit, until I didn’t When I heard about Ken, with the brain tumor, I did not know what would happen for sure, but I felt like he wouldn’t go the fastest way with this diagnosis and therefore I went into research mode I had to surrender though and know that they were doing their own research, they would be led the way they would go I can’t surrender to loosing him just yet, but I have surrendered my responsibility to Shannon (his wife) and the research. I know I am connected enough that I will go into action and help when it is appropriate, I will research only when I am moved from within Today I call that a success, even though I am tremendously sad after spending time with them and witnessing the suffering, fear and confusion of a diagnosis like this Tomorrow who knows how I will feel about it?! I am human, and I am surrendering to the myriad of emotions that I will experience as I walk this path with my beloved friends. That is the best I can do Surrender looks different on different days Some things are not meant to be cured, and I won’t say the reason my friends are in the positions they are is because they didn’t know their body I couldn’t possibly know that I do reflect on my health crisis this spring What I know about finding those tumors in my liver this spring, is that my body, and my relationship with my body helped me discover them while they were small, when it would be easy to release them If your body has been talking to you, if your body is not functioning optimally and you are having a hard time getting help, please schedule an appointment or come to meditation class. Breath into your body and get to know it, or do yoga, not as exercise, but as a means to know yourself Do whatever you are called to do that will help you connect to your beautiful body Please take charge of your body and your health I went to the integrative doctor as soon as my body started to really play up last spring, she couldn’t help me, but I did not surrender. I kept breathing, talking to my body, finding other people to help me, partnering with my body until I discovered WHY it was not functioning optimally I promise you, I found those tumors long before most others would have. Most people don’t find liver cancer at stage 1 or 2, most people find it at stage 4 This was the second major time I healed my body from something that was not supposed to be healed I wouldn’t have my son if I didn’t discover energy healing, get to know my body and use food as medicine I had a severe case of endometriosis with all the surgeries and medications before I changed my relationship with my body So, surrender when you have to, but not one minute before People kept telling me that this was what it was like to get older, you got tired faster, thick around the middle and creaky in your body I knew that I did not have to feel old in this body Right now, even with everything going on, I feel and look young in my body. There is a vibrancy that I haven’t seen or felt in over 5 years Love yourself enough to take charge of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually It is the best way to honor you and your loved ones So much love Sheri

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