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We have this Completely untapped power source available to us, that hardly anyone knows about, and d

I have created a fun series of meditations to accept yourself and others using an ancient scientific principle nobody is talking about, but is affecting everybody on this planet!

Even if you are too ambitious or too lazy, talk to much or not enough, if you control too much or if you are too casual, you can accept all this. You can create a better relationship with yourself that isn’t punishing or lacking. A way full of love that helps you find acceptance and balance.

You can give up the idea you would want to fit in, and you will be able to find where you belong with greater ease.

It will help you relate to other people in your life that you might want to change or that you argue with or hide yourself from.

Did you know that the planets influence our personalities, or that they represent some of those same energies in us? Did you know that you can become better friends with yourself by befriending the planetary energies?

Did you realize that you can create better relationships with others when you align with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Neptune and especially Earth? When you find peace within yourself as you tap into each planet individually, integrating their energy breaks down your walls and frees up your resistance to various personality traits. You may still choose to spend more time with certain personalities as opposed to others, but the resistance relaxes and you get to operate from choice.

I know this is a new concept, but the planets started to talk to me in meditation a year and a half ago, telling me how to partner with their energy to work through the issues you are currently dealing with.

The planets asked me to communicate this concept with you by channeling each one individually. When I asked them what it was for, they told me it was about relationships, first and foremost people’s relationship with themselves, then this will help them in the relationships outside themselves.

If you need help taking action, create a relationship with Mars.

If you need help with your physical body, sit in the energy of Earth and Venus.

If you need structure in your life, integrate the energy of Saturn

There is always an energy to connect with that can help you calm down, get clear, make a plan, implement that plan, have more fun. Whatever you need, there is a planet for that.

If you are a person who sways left and right depending on what the moon is doing, or when Pluto goes retrograde on your sun, or when Neptune squares another planet, there is always a way to work WITH it, not against it. There is no need to hide from Mercury retrograde. There are things to learn and things to rethink. There are opportunities every day to be more balanced and accepting of yourself and the world around you.

You will still know the difference between right and wrong, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t want to advocate for a better world and better relationships, but doing so from a place of peace and acceptance always leads to better results. I will tell you more about my planet project on Friday. I am working hard today to get it ready to sell and hopefully it will be released on Friday. I have a few tech things to take care of first. Much love

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