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We have spent a lot of time inside the cave in meditation the last week

It is different every class though.

On Wednesday we left our body and experienced soul rejuvenation. Monday Meditation was far more quiet and still inside the cave. Everyone who spoke about their experience had a profound one. We did talk about, on the way into the cave, that we sometimes get tired of being in there, we sometimes go willingly and other times we go kicking and screaming. We loved the parts of ourselves that are going in kicking and screaming. We were reminded that while we sit in the unknown without resistance of it, we are generating the energy to create something more special and more meaningful. Just like the bushes and trees in winter, they rest all late fall and winter appearing to stop growing, but their roots grow underground. They are strengthened and year after year. Things seem stagnant, but without the rest period, there wouldn't be true growth, fruit, activity, color and life. The rest is arguably as important as the growing season. Mars came into class Monday. He is retrograde (appearing to go backward) and out of bounds, which the astrologers are saying what a wildcard this can be. I watched a youtube video about how wars have happened during this kind of time since Mars has been known as the god of war. I don't deny that, but when Mars talks to me, he first talks about his capacity to break you out of your upper limits, your glass ceiling, anywhere you are unconsciously sabotaging yourself, he will bring to your awareness and help you find clarity and take actions that help create different results. But first, he always talks to me about our limits on love. How much we are willing to love ourselves, accept love from others and in turn, how much we are willing love others. There is always room for more love, and if you are experiencing more stagnation or less motivation since Mars stationed still and now moving backwards, then just take a moment to realize that the planet that gives momentum is doing something different and you can ask it how you can work with his energy this way. He will be retrograde until the second week of January. It will be useful to reevaluate your motivation, the way you normally take action etc. (as a side note, I will be releasing a fun project I worked on earlier in the year that helps you get to know each planet's energy and how to cultivate a relationship with them, which the purpose is how to have a better relationship with self and others considering we have all these influences in our personality whether we acknowledge it or not) The questions Mars asked in meditation were not to be answered directly, but to allow ourselves to open over time to the answers. Can we love ourselves more? Can we be open to doing things and experiencing things differently? The next concept that came in was quite large. Expectations. So often when I talk about expectations in class, we are talking about releasing the unreasonable expectations we have of ourself, or the expectations that our family or friends put on us, the expectations we put on others... Monday we were asked to release the expectations we have of the universe or GOD. What do you expect God to do for you that you are unwilling to do for yourself? What expectations do you have of astrolology? or anything else? Have you been taught something about God that may not be true? Are you blaming the universe for sabotaging you? Sometimes we are in a bad run and things happen. In the last two and a half years I have gotten divorced, my brother and my father died. I feel like I have been in a death and birth cycle deeply all this time. I could take it personal, or I can work WITH it. So, where can you take responsibility for yourself? What can you learn? What are you choosing, that if you chose something else, could change your life? Often, to change my attitude when I am feeling forsaken, I remember the times when things work our really well and how quickly things can change. Wednesday we were reminded to live in curiosity, especially if things are not working out the way we would like right now. "I wonder how this is going to work out" " I wonder where my opening to change might be?" It is a dance between taking control and giving up control. Over and over and nobody can tell you which scenario you find yourself in. On Monday we ended class with the mushroom kingdom, remembering that mushrooms are more related to humans than they are to the plants and that they are an intricate part of life in that the turn dead matter into life. They are part of the natural order of things. I hope you are willing to be part of the natural order. Fully participate in whatever cycle you are in. Allow whatever needs to die, die, so that something more beautiful or different may come to life.

Beyond Therapy is a truly special experience

If you have never experienced this, you should know it is called Beyond, because it is different. It is real and undeniable and it goes deep into you physically. We move the heavy emotional things out of the body in a way that you can feel. It is gentle and powerful. It has been called magical, it is certainly alchemical. It makes a difference, for certain. The places of incongruence between the mind and body, become congruent. The wisdom you have from deep within, acquired from sermons, podcasts and self help books, you will be able to put into practice with more ease. You will learn to trust your intuition and gain confidence in your relationship skills. You will become better acquainted with your truth and be able to communicate it. No experience in meditation or energy healing required. Just show up willing to breathe and be honest.

If you have heard me or anyone else talk about Human Design, you know this gives a remarkable insight into the way you function as a human. Using your birth time, location and date, Human Design creates a map of how your energy body works and shows you how you function and make decisions best. It does not predict anything, it only shows you your design giving you greater power and insight. Part of me wishes I had this earlier in life because I just don't function like most Americans. The other part of me is super happy I figured out a lot of these things before I found human design. Now I know my intuition was right on and this confirmed that how I know myself to work, works for me. It makes me trust this insight for you and has helped me understand even more why energy works differently for different people. Human Design has given me insight into my son. I had accepted that he functions differently to me, but now I have a better understanding of why. I am so pleased to see the aspects of him on paper that help me understand him better. Once you know a bit about yourself, you can pull anyone's chart to understand them better. This inevitably helps you create better relationships with them. Morgan Sowards, a former client of mine, and I are teaming up to help you gather insight into you and the way you function. She has been deep into the study of Human Design since 2020 and is teaching me so much. We are using our strengths together, which is more than twice as powerful. We have put together a package of sessions with the two of us to help you tap deeper into you. There will be a ceremony to start and end the package that will take place over the winter from December through March, just in time to birth a more authentic you for spring. Morgan will teach you about your design, which will resonate with you in degrees. She will share that information with me. Then I will help you break the patterns of conditioning where you have been trying to create things in ways that are not easy for you. I will help you tap into you, using your innate design. I will help you trust this process and feel more fluid and more alive in your body. More details to come, but I hope you join us. In person or online. There will only be space for 11, even though sessions will be taking place individually. So much love Sheri

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