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We are physically embodying love

This is energy work at it’s best! Wednesday evening and Monday morning meditation, the focus was the embodiment of love so we might be able to actually carry the frequency of heaven in our bodies on this earth We moved so much density out of our bodies these last two sessions in order to help us, as Thich That Hahn said, “kiss the earth with our feet” We want every word we speak and everywhere we walk to leave only love In one private session today I did have to remind someone that loving words aren’t always soft, love requires you to be responsible and hold others responsible But in those interaction out in the world, with clerks, servers, flight attendants, helpers of all kinds, colleagues, strangers and family, may our words be gracious May our gaze be strong, soft, present, understanding, compassionate May we walk upon the earth leaving no harm, no clutter, imprinting love onto the pavement, hiking trails, lawns and floors of all buildings we visit May you take a moment, right here and now, to breathe love into your high heart and allow it to ripple out through your body, so that you may BE more love

Wednesday evening gathering I will be spending the day down at the lake with my friends Jane and Richy. I can’t imagine a more loving environment to get me prepared to bring even more love to our gathering on Wednesday evening Click here to join us We always have a warm beverage in the dark of fall/winter We are using a product called solstice, at least until solstice, to open our minds, cleanse and ground our bodies as we are in deep discovery and release of everything that prevents us from accessing the frequency of love/heaven I love this gathering for the support of all kinds The most loving and present community AND all the herb, mineral and metal medicines we use to connect with spirit and each other I have a new fern essence called “Benevolence” The fern that is friendly and approachable a spray called Haumea mist named after the Hawaiin goddess and dwarf planet Haumea The goddess of transformation, fertility and protection

Private sessions There are just 2 weeks before December 21 when sessions go back up to regular price So, if you are new, or I haven’t seen you this year, please get on my book for a session Click here to schedule with code “2023” If you can’t find a time on the calendar to fit your needs, reply to this email or text (770)235-7599 and I am happy to work other things out. I can often be flexible With so much love I look forward to seeing you soon Sheri

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