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Venus is transforming our capacity to experience, give and receive love

To see the description of what is going on with Venus and Monday morning gathering scroll down the page a bit. It is worth reading.

First I want to talk about Wednesday evening gathering, the herb conference I went to, a facebook live panel discussion I will be co hosting and make an announcement about a new food series I want your help to promote

Wednesday evening gatherings will be every other week this summer. Starting tomorrow.

This week we will be enjoying a happiness tonic called Over the Rainbow  by High Garden Tea. It has damiana, rhodiola root, holy basil and cardamom to balance the digestive system and the brain. This has physical and mental properties for clarity and strength, with a bit of honey to make It taste good.

You do not want to miss this if you want to connect with the energy that bring all things love and abundance. Click here to join us

I have spoken about Venus, the love and abundance she is opening us to in the last section, please scroll down to read that if you want to dip into the theme of this week. It is a powerful one!

I went to Wild Medicine Herb Conference over the weekend. I enjoyed It so much. Learning more about plants and mushrooms and immersing myself in a community of people who get just as excited about nature, help and support others was a delight.

The most interesting fact I learned was that you can take your store bought mushrooms, or the ones you foraged carefully in the woods, and put them in the sun for only 5 minutes (gill side up) and they will turn into the most bio available vitamin D you could find.

Vitamin D promotes happiness. It regulates cellular function, it is anti inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective, supports immune health, muscle function and brain cell activity

Every class I went to at the conference reinforced greatly the messages I am getting about the micro biome. All the other herb and mushroom support will only work if you can absorb and assimilate what you consume, and we need a well balanced, functional digestive track for that to happen.

Aging slows down dramatically as well with a functional digestive system, and who wouldn't want to feel younger and more vibrant In their body?!

I recommend reading the book SuperGut by William Davis MD if you know you need to work on digestion or have issues with elimination.

The Food Relationship Classes have been expanded. They will be online Thursday evenings June 20, 27 and July 11 and 25. Classes will be 75 to 90 minutes long. Live attendance is better, but recordings are Included. The series is $99

I want to do this at a slower pace, to be able to dig up the old foundation and take a bit more time to lay a stronger NEW foundation. Anyone who took the class series in May, you may take what you paid for that off the price of the new series.

I am super excited about this.

This class series is for you if you want to be healthier, if you are are eating unconsiously, if you have a lot of allergies or obsessive rules about food, if you comfort yourself with food, if you choose eating the way your husband or friends want to eat instead of the way you need to eat

If you crave foods and cave in and eat foods that you know are bad for you, this is for you. If you are addicted to foods that create inflammation cause digestive upset or make you feel heavy or stagnant

If you know you are eating the wrong foods, but don't know what the right foods are

I will not be telling you what or how to eat, I will assist you in altering your cravings, shift your food patterns, and help you learn how to find the foods and the right way of eating for your body. Everyone needs different things depending on their needs in the moment

We will talk about some basic nutrition, different ways to eat as far as timing and ingredients, but don't think I am giving you a diet or a plan. I do promote healthy, not processed foods. That is where my specific recommendations stop.

I hope that you will come out of this series over the course of six weeks with a plan that feels good to you. You may tweak this plan for the rest of your life, but you will be in control rather than having food, old habits and routines control you

We are using all the grounded techniques to work with the brain and the nervous system. This is not an airy fairy class!

I promise you, I don't feel deprived when someone eats something In front of me that I used to be addicted to. I am fully in choice to support my health and my body exactly how it wants to be supported. If you know me, you know this is huge! I have never been known for my will power

I will send out another email this week with links to register

Please share this information with anyone who speaks to you about their food habits, wants to get healthier or just feel better in their body

On Tuesday June 11 at 6pm Central I will be on Facebook live for a panel discussion on nutrition with several beautiful people including my friend Kay Eck who chats on facebook regularly about topics important to her and many of us who live a connected and healthy life. Joanna Mann from Walden Farmacy will be joining us

Finally we speak of Venus and the Monday morning gathering

Before we went into meditation I found myself speaking of Venus. Right now she is hidden behind the sun, Star Sister astrology refers to this as her being in the underworld. She is recreating herself. Every time we go down into the depths, it is an opportunity to transform. That is what she is doing.

She is transforming herself, and the parts of us that are affected by her. Venus is about LOVE and Abundance. She always starts within. Can you love yourself more? What do you need to be or do to show more love to or for yourself?

You also may be given an opportunity to be loved by another. Can you open and allow yourself to be vulnerable? Are you willing to risk letting yourself be loved? If you have been in a loving relationship for a while, can you open more? Can you trust more?

We must work with these energies in order for them to work for us, so let's feel into how we can take responsibility for our experience. What can we do, be, witness, open to that can help us work with Venus? This is what we will be working with on Wednesday evening and the next month.

We spoke as a group about how receiving more love sometimes hurts at first before it feels good. Sometimes we cry, sometimes there is physical pain or the feeling of stretching or ripping deep in the muscles.

Sometimes it feels like anxiety. When we don't drop into what is wrong with us, when we allow curiosity, then all that stagnant energy can rattle out leaving us more open, free and aligned with love and abundance.

Being called into your greatness, especially around love, isn't always easy, but when we remember to sit with our pain, like we would have wanted as children, then it usually rattles out leaving us more capable of experiencing the many facets of love and trust

In the Hawaiian language there are more than 30 words for love, the kinds of love, the expanse of love, the ways to love. There is love of nature, friendship, romance, partnership, family, the list goes on and on.

Love is what makes life worth living. Love brings joy, delight and opens us to all things.

I wish you all the love you can handle and then I wish you open more so you may receive more



And don’t forget, if you could use a little support with anything in your life from your relationship with your body, your people or your mind, I am here

click here to book a private session  or email if you need a time outside of what the calendar offers or if you need to use the sliding scale

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