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urgency and desperation

We were reminded that this Friday is Chinese New Year and we did come in with that somewhat reflective kind of attitude one might have over new year, or Imbolc when we see he light returning, but as soon as we dropped into meditation we were reminded that we can start fresh any day we want. There doesn't need to be an event or a reason to make a new choice, take a new action, reflect on your past, or conjure something wonderful

How refreshing is that?!

I do feel this year of the dragon the energy of creation is especially available at any given moment

We built on the confidence we started to foster last week to quell the urgency and desperation that some people feel

The deep desire to know how your life is going to turn out, what is going to happen with your career, your own life as partners pass on and kids grow up, can sometimes become a monster within you

Urgency can block your vision and desperation keeps you from seeing what is meant to be seen

We put a hand on the solar plexus and moved our eyes into a position that helped to unravel the neediness, urgency and desperation that allows confidence to grow and be able to stand up in that confidence

I look forward to seeing how we embody this confidence and see more clearly

The Body Classes

We finished the body series this past Sunday and it was SO good. We broke through a lot of confusion, we broke through the interference between the body and the brain so we could access a deep connection and the wisdom we hold

We connected to the systems of the body, the organs and the glands and heard which ones needed support and started to delve into the myriad of ways you could support them and hone in the ones that these unique vessels would find the most support from

I have already seen how I need to expand the program. Those who showed up thankfully had all worked with me before so they had a reasonable foundation in energy and communication. And I still didn't plan enough time to do everything we needed to do. We went long on time both sessions

This is why we do pilot classes

I am going to develop a 4 - 6 week class, probably online, where we can move slower, and spend more time practicing to get deeper into support, medicine and remedies, physical and energetic

I will be able to deliver more information, break even more patterns and work with you all longer to get you more deeply tapped in and confident in hearing your body, whether it can be healed, what it is teaching you, how to support it and how to heal it if that is available to you

The biggest attitude change that ever supported me was when I was sick for the last few years as a hairstylist, when I woke up one day and decided that I could be sick and happy, that gave me an opening that took me down the road to healing my body and crating a new life for myself, without actually being sick.

I know when I had the tumors in my liver, through brainspotting and through choice, I was able to once again have a very good attitude, stay on my regimes to heal and be open to all the guidance from my body and the universe

Wednesday evening Gathering

Click here to join

The light is returning. It is definitely still winter, but the sun in shining intermittently, and we are peaking out like Punxsutawney Phil to test when we are to come out of the depths of winter. It is my understanding the he predicted an early spring, but you my dear, will you have an early spring? Or do you need more time to gestate your creations?

How may the energy and the community support you in this time of mid winter?

Join us this week for warmth of all kinds, for sweetness, for support and for the sounds of the bowls

Private work

Probably the most productive hour of your week

I was working with someone yesterday who I have been working with a few times a month since December and I noticed how clear and direct she was speaking about all the areas of life she came in talking about back in December

I never get tired of seeing someone be empowered and become confident. I am incredibly honored that people allow me into their lives, into the brain and allow me to support them on their journey

Is it time for you to get support?

Email to book a session

Much love and happy Imbolc (a few days late) and Chinese new year Friday


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