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Turn dreams into reality

What a completely different theme to last week, but it makes sense to me upon reflection, the dreams are formed in the silence. Now what are we going to do with them?

What are you dreaming/creating?

Is it something physical, a feeling or experience, relationship, work, a whole new life, an environment, a way to support yourself?

A LOT of information came in during meditation on Monday. Instructions to keep focus, and this morning I woke up to an understanding of WHY. The energy feels foggy and unfocussed. This is the dark side of Pisces energy, and we find ourselves in Pisces energy for the next few weeks

We want to keep focussed so we can resonate with the lighter side of Pisces. The light side is magical, productive, all encompassing of the zodiac and wonderful. We were told to set timers on our phones to remind us to keep our focus

Connect to the wisdom in your brain and body, deeper than any interference, under the bacteria, microbes, viruses and parasites, deeper that the wifi and energies of the people you live with, work with and interact with

Do this in order to free your imagination and your intuition to see what your innate wisdom wants to create, because when you create as a team with your soul self and the universe it is easier

Allow this Pisces energy to break down the walls to collaboration with the universe and break down the barriers between your dreams and reality. Do this with your breath and intention as you read

As we approach spring, allow the last vestiges of winter to collapse and release everything from the last year that hasn't worked and breathe it out the back of your body.

Then we felt our antenna rise up higher out the top of our heads to reach up beyond our solar system, so we can collaborate with the universe without our history, without the limitations of the past, without the static and allow reality to change, deep in our body first and then in our actions and interactions with the world, setting the stage to turn our dreams into reality

Work with me privately

This is where we get down to business and work with the specific things that take you off focus or interfere with your life

Click here to schedule online. I offer packages at a better rate because several sessions are usualy required for best results.

Reply to this email to use the sliding scale or to find a time not on the calendar. I often have flexibility.

Wednesday evening meditation

This week I created a new tea blend. As always we address the nervous system. We want to soften our body and drop into meditation with greater ease.

Tulsi, spearmint and rose will taste delicious, benefit the digestive system and the brain, cleanse, clear and refresh our body and spirit. Rose will open our heart.

I will serve this hot for the comfort that brings. I feel like it is a wonderful blend to help us move from winter into spring.

I will be using Haumea mist as our spray. It smells soft and divine! As I prepare to go back to Hawaii for a week at the end of March, I feel the call of the island and I feel the creation capacity of Haumea will support us in this Piscean time period of bringing our dreams into reality

Click here to join us. We have had only 4 or 5 people every week lately, which is lovely and intimate. The group seems to change every week as well. So, if you have been thinking of joining us, Please do. We have space and we would love the energy you bring.

The sound of the bowls is always deepening, we are always welcoming, and the time with yourself always rewarding.

Much love to you as the light returns


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