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This week's meditation was about balance originally written 8/24/22

We accessed a higher wisdom already in the deep recesses of our brain and balanced that in our body. Everyone's is unique. We brought in the seeds that can bring about a new way of being in the world. Being more love, without putting ourselves in danger. We worked with the Galactic Center, which is the grounding force of our galaxy. This opens us and centers us. It contains all the energy we need. It is a vacuum for what we need to let go of and a source to restructure our lives, minds and bodies. As humans we are going to span the emotional realm. We can do this with resistance or we can do this with relative flow. To me, flow is where it is at. It is impossible as a human to always maintain balance, but when we exercise it during the good times, it is easier to get back to in the hard times. As we get closer now to the equinox, balance might be the theme. Grounding in this balance deeper and deeper. I am always excited to see where we are going as individuals and as a collective. So much love to you Sheri

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