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The space between

We are sitting in this space where it isn't fully winter here in the south, but it definitely isn't spring yet. The birds outside my window right now sound like spring, so it creates a bit of confusion.

A lot of us feel like we are in that part of life as well. The space where the old life is no more and the new life hasn't formed.

What is asking to be cultivated inside you in this space in between?

How do we discover that? Any of these ideas below, and for me combinations of them

By playing, making art, cooking, being with our bodies, nurturing and nourishing the body and all parts of self. Definitely going into prayer and meditation. Find contentment with where you are, with not knowing

I may have included this story in a previous email when I spoke about the body class, but it bears repeating. When I was allergic to hair color and sick constantly, I was doing everything I could do to be well and continue on as a hairstylist, when one day I woke up and decided that I could be sick and happy. I was sick so long that I felt like I didn't have a choice in illness, so I was going to do my best to be happy any way

It was that perspective change that allowed me to see a way out of my head, and follow the flow to change my career and create a healthy and joyful life

I find myself coming up to a crossroad again, not with my health this time, but in this space of my son growing up, going to college in 18 months, and the world opening up to me. I am preparing for a big change, one that I don't know exactly how it shapes or what it looks like, but I am educating myself, I am preparing as much as I can, and I am being called to art and play, much, much more to provide a sense of contentment and insight in the mean time

Wednesday evening meditation

This session appears to be changing. It is the people who come to it that create the energy of it. Some people have dropped off and that has made space for new people to come in. We have a few new people scheduled this week already. Do you want to be part of this new energy? What do you want to create in this space?

I promise there will still be a warm beverage this time of year. We always cater to the nervous system and heart opening feels appropriate this week. Most probably cacao will be on offer. There will be alchemy sound bowls, and there is always a focus on the wisdom of your body.

I am working with metals and minerals in my body oil and sprays that smell wonderful and support your body in opening and discovering what this in between time has to offer you

Click here to register

Work privately with me

Someone who came to the body class said yesterday that their blood sugar had been stable for the entire 3 weeks since class. Know that healing the body can be a focus of private work

I worked with someone recently on their fear of flying, which when they got on the plane, had the most comfortable plane ride of their lives

People are creating better relationships all the time. That is a consistent theme over the years, that I help people move through the challenging points of their marriage and help them foster better relationships with their children.

Reach out by replying to this email if you feel like there is any place in your life that is standing still which could use some support moving forward

Click here to pay my regular rate and book through the site. Reply to this email if you need times not listed on my calendar or if you want to use the sliding scale to pay.

So much love to you on this late winter day


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Nello Seymour-Clark
Nello Seymour-Clark
Feb 14

Sheri, you always inspire & ignite me! I am moving through the portal of life as it transitions.......not so confident! I wish to be part of the Wednesday night class if fate allows!

Feb 14
Replying to

Let me know by 4:00 if you will come so I have enough cacao prepared. It is always better when I make it at home and bring it in.

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