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The sound of silence

Monday's meditation was more silent than usual. I played the bowls, but I was quiet, and I feel like we are going to experiment in this format for a while

The conversation at the end was wonderful with people sharing insights

I had some inspiration about how I wanted to start these gatherings in the future to make sure they are exactly what everyone needs

The bowls themselves are so rich in energy, and the sound of the silence when I let them go quiet is palpable. That can be the space of creation, or the space of awareness when we notice the stillness, either the weight or the lightness of the air during those moments.

There is intention, and structure, community and commitment. I am excited to see where we go from here

Wednesday evening gathering

If you know me, then you probably know, I love concocting a wonderful beverage

Last week we had chicory and chaga, which might be my new favorite beverage for these last few weeks of winter

We drink this for it's immune boosting, spiritually protective, digestive and nervous system regulating properties, and for its delicious taste. I used a tiny bit of maple syrup and some oat milk for creaminess. I love to simmer it with cinnamon and cardamom for everything they add nutritionally and energetically

We are using a wonderful spray with old wise trees and minerals galore that works in the body and the field to bring the wisdom that creates worlds, and breaks us out of what has kept us small and limited

Click here to join us

I also want to talk to y'all about Kava as a beverage in the future. It is interesting in taste and mouth feel, but the effects are quite nice

Private sessions

What are you struggling with? What patterns are repeating?

Things that feel like miracles happen on my table or over a zoom session. Your eyes are opened, you create a better relationship with your body and intuition. You may see your relationships with more clarity and you definitely have an easier job taking responsibility for yourself and your life.

If you have been making yourself responsible for others, robbing them of their lessons and adding more stress to your life, it can become easier to hand them their responsibility.

Reply to this email if there is any way I can support you

Much love


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