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The magic of Hawaii morphed

My time in Hawaii was oh so different this year

There is probably no end to the magic that Hawaii has to offer, and I will always be grateful for it

I was super happy to be coming home this time though

The most amazing experiences this time weren't with people, they were with sea life. I saw whales from a distance, but there is no doubt about the energy shift they create, these magic beings

I swam with manta ray, which was super graceful, and beautiful. They seemed to create a symphony as they played. Every time I would be looking deeply in one direction at a massive orchestrations of beauty as these creatures played, another ray would come from the other way and slide super close to get my attention. They were pure love and I slept so good after spending time with them

My last evening on the beach, I wasn't going to get in the water, but after a few turtles popped their head up and out, I felt beckoned into the sea one last time. Because the sun was dropping, I couldn't see under the water as well as when the sun is high, so I just enjoyed knowing the turtles were there and the difference in experience swimming at that time of day, watching the sun sink into the ocean while I was in the ocean

I will be so delighted to share the energy of Hawaii and the magical sea life and the real life realizations that come from it with you all for Wednesday Evening Meditation

Join us at 6:15 for the sounds of the bowls, community and a beverage

I missed the group so much and I can't wait to connect

Click here to join

Private work

I love the kinds of changes we make together when we work one on one. Let me know what kind of support you need

Do you want to feel better in your body?

Relationship help?

Do you want to get to the bottom of an old rabbit or pattern?

How is your relationship with food?

Reply to this email to make an appointment

Much love and happy spring to you


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