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The Lion's Gate

August 8 every year is called the Lion's gate

This is, in the simplest language, a spiritual new year. Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky and it rises with the sun to bring clarity, wisdom or something special for us in our spiritual life.

If you feel called to spend some time with the sun or have some reflection that helps you see something more clearly or inspires you to change something, this might be why. August 8 is when we acknowledge this day, but Sirius will rise with the sun in a way you can see it on August 12, so this window of "new year" energy will last for another few days at least.

Yesterday in Monday Meditation we had 4 new people starting their journey inside themselves who all ended up here for meditation without knowing that it was a significant day. It was a powerful thing for them to recognize.

We were reminded in meditation that the most spiritual thing we can do is create a wonderful human life, which is a theme that has echoed in me for the last few years. We are human, we came to earth to be human and to reconcile my humanity with my divinity is the best thing I have ever done. My whole life is spiritual. It is all spiritual because I am comfortable in my body and with my emotions. This allows a deeper connection to all things and beings that I interact with. I treat everything as divine, because it is. None of that means that I don't make mistakes or have misunderstanding with people. I am fully human. I also apologize for my mistakes, acknowledge my fears and figure out how to communicate better. I adjust my behavior accordingly. I commit to learn from these things. This is the spiritual work, in my opinion. You learn the skills in meditation or quiet reflection. You put it into practice in your life. Reconciliation or integration of the themes and theories. What can you add to or take away that will help you feel more connected, make you more honest (with yourself first), more joyful or make your life more meaningful? You don't have to answer this right now, you can ask the question and allow the answer to drop in. Those are always better inspirations and ideas. If you are in a point in your life where you don't feel like there is any action you can take that will make your life more meaningful or joyful, know that you too are in a place that is appropriate for you. Life is full of ups and downs and periods of time that feel like hell don't mean you aren't spiritual or that you are doing something wrong. It means you are human. You are probably learning and growing even if you don't see it until later. When I have found myself in these hard spots, appreciation of a flower or a meal or something really small like a yoga stretch will often at least bring comfort for a moment or give the impetus to continue walking down this path of life with a full breath. Much love to you, wherever you are on your journey, I wish you joy Sheri

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