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The Embodiment of Confidence

There are 3 sections of information today

Monday Meditation was wonderful, light, and foundational

I find that no matter how long I do this work, there is room for the foundation to strengthen and deepen

We had more people this week than typical for Monday and it is always wonderful when we have a full room especially when it is full of sunlight after a series of cloudy days

We started with the breath and the bowls and breathing into our bones, the porous parts of our bones., knowing that as we breath in the light, we don't leave much room for animosity or negativity, so we just breathed in more light allowing the intelligence of our body to release what isn't serving us as we focus on what does serve us

As we connected to the sun, we breathed the energy of confidence into our solar plexus. Confidence  is not boastful nor does it put you above anyone. It is being so comfortable in yourself that you will automatically give others permission to be themselves.

As we concentrated on confidence, our shoulders dropped, our chests were able to fill with more ease, not to be puffed up, but to be full, comfortable and relaxed.

We talked about the fact that true confidence doesn't deny the fact we have weaknesses as well as strength, but to look at the whole of ourselves honestly actually put us in a better place to get from here to there.

We came back to the bones, into our DNA and the parts of that DNA that make us unique. We let go of our ideas of our wrongness, being that we compared ourselves with others denying our very unique nature.

We brought in gratitude for our perspective as adults that we can now understand more deeply that we do all have strengths and that we have learned or can learn how to play to those strengths. We let go of the grief that we judged ourselves because of our weaknesses, and we concentrated again on what confidence actually brings.

We talked about the fact that all planets are now direct and that only means there isn't any tugging to look back and redefine, there is plenty of momentum to move forward, to have the conversations we have avoided, to make the moves, to start the projects we have put off. There is no better time to move forward than right now.

We became more prepared to do that as we embodied the energy of confidence

Wednesday evening meditation

As always I look forward to gathering. I have noticed the light is changing already, and it may not still be light when we gather, but the evening is starting to feel lighter, less deep in the cave and more active or free

I hope you will join us this week for sound bowls, tea, minerals, metals, and all the medicine we need to re member ourselves and prepare to come back to life. Life is an extraordinary thing.

Click here to join

Work with me

Private sessions are so personal, and truly, we can move through so much with ease. Don't forget, and feel free to share with anyone who might need to know, the sliding scale is available for anyone who needs it. Reply to this email, email, call or text 770-235-7599 to schedule

The Body Class on Sunday was beautiful. It feels like it is possibly the most important work I have ever done. It is certainly my most personal and life long work, this art of being with my body, healing it and finally being able to put it all together in a way that helps YOU hear and heal your body

I am looking forward to next week

I already know this will be a longer class series next time. There is so much to share.

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