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The Descent is open

Winer is a time of deep reflection and restoration. It is for growing your roots deeply under ground so that in spring we can be born new.

This year, like every year, there is an opportunity to discover more of your own gifts and talents by allowing the natural rhythm of the season to do what it is designed to by cultivating slowness and devotion to yourself.

I love reflecting on what I have learned and discovering what is newly open for me each year.

This year after a massive healing journey with my body, I come to you with more tools and more presence to help you connect to yours.

Do you have a practice that truly serves you in following the rhythm of the year?

Do you ever feel like you just don't have the time or get distracted when you do have the time?

Did you ever think that was because you needed support or someone to be with you? It isn't always easy to see yourself without the support of another. Going into the dark isn't nearly as scary when you have a seasoned traveler with you

This is why Morgan and I created The Descent.

Having appointments to do this work, with people who are steeped in their own traditions, is more supportive and fruitful than one might imagine

This container is designed to keep you accountable to you. To help you uncover and discover your beauty, your magic, your true essence.

I certainly would not be as tuned into my body and my soul without the support of fellow travelers and those who were on this path long before me

Click here to read more about it or to join

We begin right before the new year, at the start of winter. We will finish up right around spring.

I look forward to supporting all those that join us for this magical and transformative time

The commitment with us is just a few hours a month, and we are providing a goody bag to help you make a larger commitment to yourself by oiling your body to connect more deeply to it, drinking tea and enjoying hawthorn berry elixir for it's heart opening properties and yummy warm, sweet taste

We look forward to being with you and cultivating devotion to your wellbeing

Much love


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