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The best thing to say when someone's loved one dies

Instead of asking how they died or being awkward ask them What were they like? Who were they to you? Nick Shindo Street, my every week adventure buddy, my art and culture friend who loved my fancy morning beverages before our excursions, or any fancy beverage for that matter, my tea loving, food loving, equal appreciator of moss, crazy for waterfalls and caves, Buddhist priest, non profit creator, journalist, traveler, movie lover, one of my most loyal, consistent, truly good friend left his physical body Friday evening I am heart broken and honestly not able to stay in surrender We were life friends and spiritual friends, and I feel like that takes friendships deeper. Two years feels more like they have always been there and maybe he WILL always be here in another form, but he will never amble into my kitchen again and that makes me sad Not a lot of people hang out in my kitchen He was my only friend that my son wanted to sit at the dinner table with The good news is that we so very often would look each other in the eyes and speak our appreciation for each other, our gratitude for the fullness of our friendship and the time we spent together I choose to honor myself today by not finding any wisdom around this or putting myself under pressure to create a meaningful message of any kind I will be back next week
Wednesday evening meditation I would love to be surrounded by community this week We will drink tea. I have some essential oils from void space technologies to mix with mugwort hydrosol made by Jessica Carmon to spray over you, a new product to help us translate light, and the amazing singing bowls that I appreciate more every week Someone came into Monday meditation this week saying she appreciates life way more now, even with all the change Let’s appreciate life together, share our hearts and support each other through it Click here to register
I know I said that I would create a Saturday class for this weekend, but I just can't muster the energy to do that today. If I feel inspired, I will pop one up this weekend. My apologies to those of you who wanted it.

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