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Take it slow. You are perfectly imperfect

There was a watery moon a few days ago

What you read in the subject line and in the preview text sums up the most important messages of our meditation this week. I will write more about taking it slow, about Neptune and about water though. Just for fun. On my way in to work for Meditation Monday I heard a song by Ayla Nereo called "take it slow". I have heard this song come across spotify 100 times, but I had never listened to it. The words to the song go 'take it slow, don't get in your own way, what you long for is on it's way, take it slow, don't give yourself away' It was talking about not missing the signs, about not giving yourself up to make anyone else comfortable. It was about finding yourself inside the dark. You are part of the moon. Don't turn away from your darkness, don't be like anybody else. That message permeated meditation. As we head into fall, our natural body clock tells us to start slowing down. Listen to the song ihere. Reply to this email if you want to listen to the meditation. I will send you a recording. I especially loved the part where she said you're part of the moon because I felt that more than ever this weekend. I have a Pisces moon (the moon was in Pisces when I was born) according to my astrology chart. We had a Pisces moon over the weekend, and it was particularly emotional for me. For no real reason except just that. I am part of the moon. Pisces is water (emotion) and is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune is retrograde until early December. When a planet is retrograde, it gives you the opportunity to restructure the parts of yourself represented by that planet. I didn't have to work hard to rethink anything since Neptune works in the subconscious and unconscious. I just had to let my brain get rewired. The way I support my brain in these moments is with lion's mane, cod liver oil or any fats and salts. Olives, nuts, french fries are the best! How you might experience a Neptune retrograde. Your intuition might expand. You might dream more meaningful dreams. You might want to consume more alcohol or drugs, so be careful of that! Neptune might want you to take off your rose colored glasses to see reality more clearly. I do that, but I put them back on sometimes because it is more fun to live that way. I just take them off more regularly than I used to. Water I spent a few days last week with one of my best friends. We chased waterfalls for two days. It was wonderful to go into the woods with someone who gets down into the moss with me to appreciate the beauty and the messages. We met giant rocks. We got in the waterfalls to merge with the consciousness of water. I love water. It is everything. It supports, nourishes, cleanses everything. It can be solid, gas or liquid. It can be gentle, rough, fast or slow. Water conducts energy very well. It rages, destroys and my favorite, you can float on it and feel supported. IT IS EVERYTHING! It is IN everything and nothing living on earth can survive without it. Our bodies are 70% water, so it is an element that when you meditate with, it is real and you can feel connected to everything. I have a mug I sometimes drink out of in the morning that says "be like water". Every time I do, I have a little appreciation for the wholeness, wildness, tenderness and love that is water. By the way, My friend Jane Mayer released a song on Friday called "Holy Waters" Listen to it here. I may have been present when she wrote or channelled this song. With all my extra classes next week, I might be late or I might not have time at all to get an email out to you. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you this way lately and I have enjoyed hearing from those of you who have appreciated them. Never hesitate to let me know if something touches you. I love to know that. I also would love it if you shared this email with people you know who might appreciate the messages or enjoy coming to a class. So much love to you as we enter the time of balance between the light and the dark and head into our slower season of the year. Sheri

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