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Structure creates Freedom

I know that sounds esoteric, it is practical. If you work out more and stretch more, your body will have more freedom of movement.

If you schedule your work day well, you will have more time at the end of the day, or breaks in the middle of the day and you will get more accomplished.

When I started to meditate when my son was in preschool, I started to get him to school on early after waking up at the exact same time. This created time in my morning. Extra time felt like freedom.

This is just a few examples.

2022 was a year to build structure in our lives. We have a few weeks left in the year and the new year energy often doesn't hit until mid January, so take some time with yourself this late fall and early winter when it is dark in the evening, and see what structure we can fortify or rebuild to create the freedom to choose.

Meditation Monday Energy

We started out deep in our bodies, we brought love to all the organs that get forgotten like the pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach and spleen

We delved deeper into our cave within. We went into silence longer than usual during our time together. We honored this time close to solstice where we dive deep in order to nurture the seeds within, release what doesn’t serve us and be able to spring forth, whether two weeks into January or in spring

Once we got super grounded and were guided into acceptance of patience and/or impatience with the speed of life, we opened wide at the top 3 vertebrae of the spine. We allowed the energy from Andromeda to rush into those top 3 vertebrae and allowed the energy to ignite the center of the brain.

The energy moved down into the heart space, and flooded the entire heart chakra including the arms and hands. The energy was flowing from our fingertips as our bodied could not contain it.

This is the energy that brings a wider structure and freedom. Freedom looks different for everyone. For some it means taking a class to expand our mind or skills, hiring a babysitter, planning a vacation, starting a new job that offers more financial freedom, for others it means claiming who they are more deeply and speaking more honestly.

We were reminded that the more time we spend inside ourselves deeply, more of the bigger picture we get to see. That doesn’t mean that we will all of a sudden have access to ALL the secrets of the universe, but we expand our tunnel vision. And we keep going inward and then we expand our tunnel vision again. It gets faster and easier the deeper we go.

Journaling prompts to be used over the next few weeks. What have you been resisting? What parts of yourself are you hiding? What talent do you have or that you could nurture that could make you experience life with more fun, more joy or more ease

I will tell you what I have been hiding. It sounds silly because I tell everyone who comes to class, but I have been reluctant to put it in print. I channel this energy and wisdom. I tap a field of intelligence that most people don’t know exits, much less have access to.

I teach people to access it for themselves

I started answering my mother’s questions in the car when I was very young. One day I remember meeting a woman at a party and then running off to play with the kids. When Mom said something about the woman not being very nice, I said, “oh, she just got divorced and is a little off. I think you two are going to be friends one day.” Turns out I was right. She wondered how I knew that. I didn’t know. After that she would just ask my perspective on things. I almost always had an answer for her that brought peace or understanding.

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You will not be disappointed

Thank you so much for reading these emails

I love you very much


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