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Spring - Focus on the light

For so many it is so easy to focus on what needs to heal or what is wrong in our lives or the world

I feel like it is time to focus on the light, focus on what is working, what is beautiful, focus on what we are creating. This is the message I keep getting over and over the last few weeks, and that is the message that came into meditation Monday morning

We did some group brainspotting to do just that, encourage new pathways in the brains to look toward the light, the new and our creations

I am not asking you to put your head in the sand, I am asking you to balance what is, with what you are creating, what you love, what is beautiful and what you are grateful for

Group Meditation announcement

We will celebrate spring equinox this week at Wednesday evening gathering. Click here to join us

I will leave town on Saturday morning for 8 days. Seeing that I fly over night, I will miss two Monday mornings for meditation

I always miss my group gatherings, but this time I will probably not be writing you from Hawaii since I have such a short time there

I will be back to my normal schedule Wednesday April 3 for private sessions and group gathering

This week for gathering to celebrate spring I had suggested that we would be sharing cleaver water since that is such a quintessential, delicious spring beverage with all its lymphatic properties and refreshing taste, but with the freeze this week, I am not sure if will thrive. We are supposed to be back to warm temperatures Wednesday, so if it is available, that is what we will have. If it is not, I am thinking something lavender and lemon. I don't have my head fully around that yet though

Click here to join us

The food class

Thank you so much if you were one of the ones who contacted me last week to tell me your food issues. Keep them coming! I want to address them all in the upcoming series whether you are coming to it or not.

In the food class we are going to get you connected so well to your body that you will know how to support your body, your unconscious brain won't be controlling all your decisions, your cravings will begin to lean towards what is actually supportive for your body, your mind and your life

I couldn't be more grateful to know how to feed my body and feel good in my brain and in my jeans before and after I eat!

Details for the class will come together after I return from Hawaii

Private sessions

I have a few slots available Wednesday and Friday before I leave town. Otherwise booking for April 3 and later

Let me know if there is any way I can support you in your connection to your body, mind or your spirit

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