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Spiritual Maturity

I have been talking a lot about maturity in different ways lately, and today was no different

Monday Meditation took us to Truth once again

I often talk about connecting to the wisdom of the body, and lately I have needed to remind myself and others that sometimes to get the strongest connection there, we need to ask to connect to the consciousness of the body that doesn’t have anything to do with parasites, organisms, bacteria or anything else living off our body

Spring is a time of cleansing. Almost every culture and religion in history

has a practice of fasting to clear the body

Often this practice has some distorted ideas that go with it like suffering, or they only mention your connection to spirit. Then there is what modern culture has done with it being that it is only a means to loose weight

Personally, I have always resisted fasting due to blood sugar, I thought

Turns out that with some brainspotting around food trauma and self starvation in my 20’s, I can fast and I have realized why it is recommended

It provides the space for the body to do what it was meant to do, heal itself, cleanse itself and truly makes this vessel a better conduit for source energy

Back to the meditation

Once we connected more deeply to our body, we found ourselves in our belly, connecting to deep wisdom there, then the heart’s wisdom

This is where we started to reflect on maturity

When you are triggered, do you take a physical step back? It helps

Ask Yourself, Is this important? Is this real? Is this deserving of my time?

Move your eyeballs, while eyes are closed, from side to side to reset the brain

Do we handle this now? Or do we handle this later?

Is it right? Is it true? Is it productive?

I'm not guided to talk about what spiritual maturity means, but we allowed the sensation of it to drop down into the whole Body

I want you to tap into the people in your life that you have known or seen that you felt that they were mature, what did that look like? How did that feel?

We ended meditation being reminded that now is the time to foster discipline, commit to being more healthy, more mature and more forward thinking in your life

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