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South Point Meditation and Energy

My time on The Big Island has been incredible already

I have been here 5 nights so far

I have been embraced by the locals as one who belongs here

I have been given locations to healing places that the tourists know about and some that tourists don’t know about

I went to a place called South Point yesterday, the feeling was so complex and depending on what you need from it, probably depends on your experience of it

I had heard that it was a very transformational energy, the life and death kind. Seeing that I have spent so much time in that energy over the last 3 years, I decided to start there, see how I handled it and spend the next 3 weeks sorting myself out if it was difficult

As I started to drive down a long and desolate road I could feel the magic, a horse came to the edge of a fence an beckoned me to stop, so I did

We had a whole experience together filled with love and playfulness

As I continued to drive down the road I could feel the wind pick up. It is the windiest place on the island and I could feel the intensity build

There are cliffs there that people dive off of. I had no intention of diving considering you have to scale back up the side of the cliffs

Once I got out there, I could feel the ancient energy. It was sacred land, I was sure

I did not feel the life and death in any uncomfortable way. I did feel the transformational energy, the power, the magnitude, the life and the letting go without fear, or without that so familiar dying sensation

The land felt barren, yet fertile

I felt drawn to the ground, I felt moved to get down low

I felt stillness amongst the high wind

I felt peace

I felt calm and powerful

And I felt ever SO grateful to be there

After my experience already felt full, I met a Hawaiian man who spent time talking with me about spiritual things, the meanings of words and those that feel the need to come here

He was gentle and kind, beautiful to look at, and said all he asked from people moving here and visiting here, was respect

We talked about the difficult nature of the land and the isolation of the island as well as the expansive, luxurious and nurturing energy here

It all depends on your perspective

I got in my car to leave the cliffs, and before I could leave the long road I was pulled back to park my car again.

I recorded a meditation because I wanted to remember that land and the energy and I felt that I wanted to share it with you

There is much high wind, and I love that, but if you have sensitive ears, you may not enjoy it. I believe the wind offers a transmission of it’s own, so I encourage you, if you are interested, to listen as it is and listen to that more than my words even

I already know I will go back to that spot before I leave this island in 3 weeks and I will be taking people whenever I am lucky enough to lead a retreat here

It was some of the most powerful and present energy I have experienced

Here is the link to that meditation

I will include some photos of the cliffs, a sign with the coral that covers the beach area, and the horse I made friends with

It was all so remarkable that words don’t do justice to the experience of being there, but they do more than not sharing anything at all

I am so lucky to have almost as many online sessions this week as in person sessions when I am home

I have gotten two new clients since being here as well

I will have space next week if you need a session. Reply to this email if you would like to feel the transformational nurturing energy of this island to help you with whatever you might be dealing with right now

I was nervous about coming, thinking I really could not afford to take 3 weeks off work, but I also felt very strongly that I should come, that the universe offered this time to me, in this place and that to turn down the opportunity would be devastating to my growth, evolution and my future

I took the risk, feeling in every fiber of my being that I would be supported, and I have been. From the moment I got off the plane, to the dinner party the next night so I could meet some people, to the breathwork class I was drawn to. The farmer’s market where I was embraced as a local

It seemed everyone wanted to talk to me about the magic here and acknowledged how the island draws certain people, supports their growth and nurtures their body and spirit

Everyone has their favorite places, all the climates are represented here besides tundra. Community abounds

I find myself sad to know that 5 nights have already passed and I only have 20 more days on the island

It is so funny, I don’t feel like I am on vacation

I feel like I am living here for a short time and maybe one day, for months at a time

I don’t feel like I need to get it all done, or that I will miss anything meant for me

I feel guided, supported and loved

And every now and again, I feel very far away from home, from my son and my community

I will be home soon enough and I can’t wait to share who I have become

It feels like a completion of my time here this spring, that I will wrap something up that I have yet to fully understand

Thank you so much for reading and for being you

I love you


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Nello Seymour-Clark
Nello Seymour-Clark
Jul 25, 2023

Just WOW!! 💜🧚‍♀️🤸‍♀️🥰

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