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Soul Regeneration

I am always yet never surprised at Monday Meditation messages

Balance is the theme at least until the equinox which is September 22, but we got a little soul rejuvenation as well.

It was almost as if our energy field sunk down deeper in our bodies and expanded around our base for more stability. I feel that even more strongly today and it is Wednesday. Sometimes it takes a few days to settle in and become more permanent. I may have had to shake out some ideas and energies that were making me less than completely stable.

Balance is easy to talk about. You have achieved balance when you don't loose your center when having difficult conversations. You don't get knocked over by every sideways comment. You know what information is for you and you know what to let go of. Stable, balanced, grounded. I love these energies as much as I love elated, in love, ecstatic, joyful.

In relationship we always have to be both in giving and receiving. There are plenty of times when it isn't completely balanced in relationship. If I am feeling depleted, I must receive more from the universe or my people. Yet, I have to be willing to also give more when I can. It is a fine, constant tuning. There again, great to meditate on balance even when you are not feeling off balance.

Soul regeneration or rejuvenation, now that is another topic! Much harder to describe. It is etheric in nature. Anywhere you have left a part of your soul, are you willing to claim that back? From old lovers, children or even places we have visited. We don't have to leave our soul with them in order to have a relationship with them. Often we will have a better relationship with them when we are a whole soul in our body. I remember claiming my soul back from my son when he was only 5 or 6. I found that we were in some patterns that were unhealthy. I noticed that he was manipulating me without words. I wanted to stop that. So, I claimed my soul back from him, I gave him all of his that I held. Literally within hours he came downstairs and told me that his father was his favorite parent. But I did not let that deter me. I wanted to stop the unhealthy patterns between us. I continued to show up as his mother by choice, with as much love and care as I ever did. Within weeks he was telling me that I was his favorite parent again and I believe we formed an even stronger bond. A bond made from choice is much more balanced.

Soul regeneration can help us finish out some life lessons, if we are in a place in life that we can do that, and help us move on to newer lessons that will move us forward in life.

Venus energy helps us with soul regeneration. The energy she (the planet) provides is very loving, like the energy of the moss on the forest floor, taking old dead matter and turning it into life, similar to the mushroom kingdom, but not medicinal. Venus energy is very vibrant and colorful. This energy is overtly alive.

I hope you are enjoying the short synapsis I have been sending out of our group meditation on Monday. As the energy permeates your mind through my written word, I hope it will eventually make it down into your body so you can live these truths. There is so much more when you are present, It is an experience to lie down and allow your breathe to restructure your heart, mind, body and soul.

So much love to you today and every day, may you claim back a little piece of your soul that you unknowingly lost along the way

Labor Day Monday, there will be meditation. 10am as always at Unity in my space or online. click here to register.


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