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She was finally able to breathe

I had the ultimate honor to work with a 10 year old girl a few months ago. This girl had not taken a deep breath into her belly since she was 5. She had paralyzing anxiety. That is what I did know. What I didn’t know was that she was afraid to breathe.

So, here I was sitting with a child that needed my help and was resistant to the very thing I use to relieve anxiety. So, I took the breath, and I took her hand in mine.

I told her there was no hurry, that she never needed to take a deep breath with me. I told her that I would breath for her today.

I talked with her about facts that I am certain her brain had heard before, but while I help her hand, her body could accept them as truth.

I talked to her about emotional things her body knew but her mind just couldn’t understand, and we eased her.

This is what I do. I create a congruent stream of energy between the truth of body and truth of the mind


Then we moved her on the table and I told her again she didn’t need to breath into her body, but I was going to help her body and I breathed. I started the session how I start every session, with 3 big deep breaths. After the very first breath, she stopped me. She WANTED to breath with me.

We eased this precious body who had been without relief all this time. I assured her she was not bad or wrong for being scared. We loved all her fearful places

Her father cried happy tears when I asked him to put his hand on her belly and feel her breathing.

They were both relieved

When I asked if she had questions she asked when she could come back.

She told me that when got here, she already couldn’t wait to leave, but now, she never wanted to leave. I checked on her every few days or week for a while and it was reported that she was still breathing.

I want you to know this is what we do in sessions with grown ups too. We make you feel safe to relax and breath. I support you in being able to take the blinders off and see what you haven’t been able to see before, and if we need to work with your inner child, it us usually just this simple. RELIEF. It changes everything about the way you feel in your body, the way you interact in relationships and in the choices you make

I hope if you feel like you could use some support this winter, that you will choose to come see me.

I will have a few sessions available on the 28th and the 29th of December and I will be back every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and some Saturdays in the new year

So much love, Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy holidays of whatever you do or do not celebrate, may you enjoy this season of change from fall to winter


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