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Self sourcing to maintain strength and clarity

Every single person I saw Monday came to me with something similar How do we maintain our own energy in the face of chaos? How do we remain alone in our body and energy field, without other’s energetic influence disturbing our own? We are right on time, is what I know, when everyone is working consciously with the same things! We can’t live on auto pilot any more We must be present in each moment What follows here is what came through in meditation Everyday we need to clear our field Clear our mind and brain Connect with our gut outside of the influence of bacteria, parasites, microbes (Physical detoxing is so so so important, but we can do this energetically in the mean time) Create an intention and/or make a claim for your day (I have been making decrees lately to strengthen my choice) Are you willing to release any ties or tethers to people, places or things that have controlled or manipulated you consciously or unconsciously? Are you willing to release the emotions that keep you stuck, like doubt and unworthiness? Rather than sourcing your value from what you DO for others, recognize that value in who you are and in self sourcing your true power and gifts Open up and allow trust to come in. Commit to building a trusting relationship with your new body, mind and field as they become more clear every day with your intentions and declarations There is a lot in this writing and that is why meditation 35-40 minutes with class being an hour. It is helpful to be present, whether online or in person to truly feel and integrate it. So often I know that reading about these meditation are beneficial, but with this one, presence and time and the conversation before and after were exceptionally important to doing the work that make this actually livable click here if you want to watch my video about Brainspotting which absolutely helps with all the above The video might not tell you anything different than what I have written before, but you can see and feel my excitement about it

Wednesday evening meditation Blue butterfly pea power has made an appearance the last two weeks I usually have an interesting beverage that softens the nervous system, have health benefits and gives us a moment to bond as a group as well as prepare to go deep into meditation I love this blue herb for all the properties it holds (antioxidant, anti inflammatory, skin and hair, blood sugar, digestion, mood, spiritually protective and promotes love and peace) and for the rich blue color The deliciousness comes from what you use it with The first week we had a blueberry, lemon balm lemonade Last week we had a blue mermaid latte with coconut milk, spirulina and honey Tomorrow I will decide what we have this week Click here if you want to join us this week If it is after 6 on Tuesday, reply to this email or send a text to join us We lost one of our regulars to a move to the west coast for a job and life change that is incredibly exciting so I know we will have space for you Plus, we have the most welcoming group and almost everyone feels comfortable to be themselves, especially by the second visit Thank you for reading So much love to you Sheri

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