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Relationships stuff was in the air

Choosing the best thing for yourself sometimes isn’t popular amongst your friends was the theme with every person in the room

I love it when the group has wisdom to share and Jessica came in with the best energetic take on the heart shield (the intelligence to open and close it) moving up from the solar plexus. We will have to work with that more next week

Chiron, the wounded healer, came in to support us. We expanded our mind and our vision to accept that every person has a lens they see through and when you sit and talk about the lens you are seeing through and the lens your family or friends are seeing through, then possibly some understanding can come through

Those conversations are opportunities for immense growth for both people

And then we went deep into our underworld with Pluto, since he is the energy who holds your hand there, and we brought in the most wonderful and intense light into the dark places, we softened the places where we were hard and sticking in our heals in

We softened our dialogue with ourselves about ourselves, we unclenched internally, so that when we come into conversation with those that challenge us, we may speak softly to them while we stay strong within ourselves

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