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Reflecting back over the last 3 years

I have been talking about the natural order and rhythm of life, that cycles bigger than the yearly calendar are important to tap into and flow with. This three year cycle is one example.

In the last week I happened to see many stories on NPR and in my social feeds that reflected back to me how people are just becoming aware of how they have been affected from the shifts that took place in 2020

This made me remember reading from the astrologers when 2020 came in, it was supposed to change some fundamental things in our lives and March of 2020 started a three year cycle.

As we approach the end of this cycle, what has changed for you? What are you still holding on to that isn’t serving you? Where have you been complacent? and where are you taking action?

I invite you to sit down with a journal sometime in the next month and review your life using the questions above or just free write, definitely reflect somehow on how you have grown, changed, resisted change, what you have let go of willingly or not, or any other theme you may have been living

Monday Morning Mediation

Before class the conversation was around that fact that we were all having dreams, and remembering them, some disturbing and some others just weird

I realize now that this is all very natural end of cycle realizations

I started class reading some words from Jason Estes about the time period we are in. He said to look at our lives like we are in an airplane. Regardless of what has changed with or without our consent, we are in the right seat, headed to the correct destination. Everything outside the plane is outside the plane for a reason. If you reach outside the plane for what isn’t going to your destination, then you will be sucked out of the plane

Once we started meditation/ energy alignment

We moved right into the body, feeling strength in our core. We lifted and relaxed our pelvic floor. We found that the more we came to our center for strength, the more relaxed our shoulders became.

As a side note, exercising my pelvic floor is helping me stay flexible as well as grounded. Flexibility has been coming in these last few years as more necessary than ever before.

We moved up the body, activating our core from the pelvic floor, to the waist, drawing our rib cage in, and feeling strong and centered in our bodies

We acknowledged that all we have been doing over the last few years to strengthen our foundation has prepared us to move with more ease, with more grace, balancing the flow of the universe and giving permission to our hearts to open wider

Joining mind, heart and gut has been part of our foundational work. So much that I kind of got tired of talking about it. But I can see in moving forward, our heart is the leader. We need to keep a STRONG connection to the gut and the brain, they are all so important, but I found myself saying our heart is the final check point for all decisions.

There might be more decisions moving forward. Uranus, the change maker, the innovator, the planet that brings new ideas and shows you how to implement them is heavy in the astrology, so there again, flexibility is important. He says to me, “Make plans and be flexible about them”

Life is a dance, this following the flow of the natural order, combined with taking action, experimenting, and choosing what we want to experience.

Focusing on unimportant factors distracts us and wastes our time.

We need to feel into our heart’s desire and make choices. Over and over. Allowing ourselves to do the dance of making decisions, taking action, and allowing ourselves to be taken where the river is flowing or where the plane is landing.

I can almost feel the cycle that started March of 2020 coming to a close. I have been restructuring the whole time. Collapsing into surrender, finding more strength every time.

The last three years have been a death cycle for me. My marriage died. My father and my brother died. One death each year.

I am inviting life to come back. I am happy to review what I have learned and use it to move forward with more freedom

These 3 years have gone pretty quickly, and I am excited that I have made it through in reasonable shape. I am stronger and softer, more structured and more flexible than ever.

I look forward to creating from this place of wisdom. I am proud of where I am now and I look forward to adventure and life and a new personal world in the midst of this ever changing collective world.

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