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Presence adds life to life When we allow parts of ourself to die, we are reborn

There are several sections to this email. Things on offer: I am going to offer my parenting class again, Wednesday evening meditation is better every week in that the community is stronger, I am looking into offering a mentorship program that can be used in one of two ways The last section has the energy synopsis about presence, the wisdom we find in the deep recesses of our mind and body, and our living death and rebirth cycles.

Parenting class

A few years ago I had a parenting series, and one of the moms who was there recommended that her friend take it. So, we are pulling together a few moms who are interested in being less stressed while being more supportive of their kids. A win win for the whole family.

Being a mom has been the greatest learning experience of my life. My son is my greatest love and the reason I consciously choose to become a better person every day. He shows me everything about myself.

I set out to be the parent I wanted to have. One that accepted him, however he chose to be, even if he was different from me. I feed him the most nutritious and delicious foods, we gave him all the experiences that my parents couldn't afford.

I only had one child so there would be no fighting or hierarchy in the house. I didn't want to have a favorite child or have one child that abused, made fun of, or tortured the other. I wanted to save him from everything I went through that was tough. I tell him how it is ok to have feelings, there is nothing wrong with them. I tell him that he is darkness just like he is light and not to hide from what is less than desirable in himself, because when we acknowledge it, we aren't ruled by it and we can become better.

You know what I learned? He is still going to go through hard things. That I can't save him from life. That he needs hard things. And you know what I need? To let him learn. To provide him a safe space that allows him to make his own decisions. I started this in elementary school. It isn't just a teenage thing.

The earlier we start to accept all of our children's aspects, what they need to thrive (might change as they grow), how to balance our needs with theirs, when we learn to not allow our children to control and manipulate us (HUGE), this is when we are doing our best work. And it makes life more fun with them.

The class will be structured to support your needs, whatever they are, but what I find are the pillars to being an empowering mom are as follows:

1. We will discuss parenting patterns that aren't serving us. They may be what your parents did to you and they may be the opposite. We will then break down those patterns and create more supportive ones

2. We will talk time management and manage expectations

3. We will do meditations on time creation and focus and new habit creation

4. We will do exercises for full acceptance of our children - all of their needs, their personalities

5. There would be conversation and sharing combined resources and data bases. Community creation kind of stuff

Usually marriages get better in this process as well. We learn all kinds of relationship dynamics as we come together as a group and discuss our lives.

If this sounds good to you. please respond to this email and we will start talking dates and times


This means different things to different people. I will share with you my dream of how to support you the fullest. I would need at least 3 or 4 people who wanted to do this to make it work.

It takes at least a year to walk through all the seasons and hit what comes up for you. Everything is a cycle, including trauma. And to walk through life together in the joy and sorrow, is where the meat is. Some people only come to me when they are way down in the dumps and struggling. Other people only come in to see me when they are "good enough" to not be embarrassed about what they are going through.

The truth is, we need support when things are good as well as when things are bad and all the in between spaces. Some of my best sessions of personal breakthrough have been when I least expected it and didn't necessarily feel like I needed anything.

If I have a small group of people willing to commit that would provide a community aspect that would be super beneficial.

I would structure it as having one or two private sessions a month and one group session. This is at most a 4 hour per month time commitment. We would poll the group to find the best time each month to get you all there. You could join online if you were out of town.

I would pull your astrological charts and your human design chart to deeply delve into who you are and how we can support you the most.

If you want to provide this service to others, then the last 6 months we would add another component of bringing volunteers you find in for you to give sessions to while I am there to support you. So, that would be another hour or two of time for you to commit to. This time would be as rich if not more rich in experience and learning for you.

What I promise you will get out of this is: A deeper understanding of yourself. A way to express yourself with more honesty. You will feel lighter in your body, you will be less controlled by your pain or darkness, you will create more supportive relationships with those already in your life and/or you will draw new people in that connect with you more deeply. You will feel more connected, more intuitive, and be able to span the spectrum better from sadness to joy with greater ease.

I would love to start in January or February and continue for the full 12 months.

The energy of the last week and in moving forward

I have hosted two classes since my last email. I usually just talk about Monday Meditation because that is how I start my week, but much of it blended together and I wanted to include wisdom from them both.

We started class on Wednesday evening with the acorn shaped golden light in the center of our brain lit up. We know from class the last few months that is giving us greater access to the deep wisdom already inside us. We are using mugwort in class in the form of tea, hydrosol, and/or oil while we are awake and in meditation to help us.

Mugwort has been used throughout history as a dream enhancer, to help us see through picture, sound and feeling and translate those images and metaphors into understanding. I have not appreciated so much in my life trying to decipher metaphor, nothing annoys me more actually than having an image and trying to see all the ways that could be trying to tell me something.

The universe and I now have an understanding. I am not paying attention to those things, use plain English or knowing or sound or feeling, but don't give me some convoluted, twisted image that can be misinterpreted. So, mugwort wants to be used during my waking hours to give me all the same access to innate or buried wisdom that can be translated accurately - depth of meaning still exists and I love to learn more, deeper wisdom. I am always open for that.

Back to meditation class... Presence. That is what gives us connection in the moments. If you think about it, anxiety is the opposite of presence. It is putting yourself in the future or the past in a state of resistance or fear.

So, breathe and shake off resistance to living life to the fullest, what we were reminded was that the way we show up in every present moment is how we experience life. Being fully present and available to the people in front of us gives us clarity about who they are and how they affect us energetically.

Being fully present to our work shows us how we feel about it, gives us inspiration on how to do things with more ease or if we should be doing them at all.

When I am present and not in anxiety about anything, that is when I get great ideas about how to move forward, without fear, because they feel smooth, not forced.

When you make decision or take action out of fear, they are often not the best ones. They take more energy to complete and usually take longer to complete.

We went deeper into forgiveness in Wednesday meditation. When we resist something so deeply about another, we have to look where we might hold a tiny piece of that. Where are we mean, distant or dishonest?

Breathe through your body and find where you are holding any unforgiveness. Who do you hold a grudge against, living or dead, that if you forgave them, could free yourself?

I reminded everyone that forgiveness doesn't condone behavior nor make it alright to spend time with abusive people, but forgiving them because only hurt people hurt people, might make it easier. Nobody does hurtful things when they are in alignment with their higher self. They have problems with their mind, with their belief system, or with their emotional body. They are scared, tired, sick or sad. That is all, they are human.

This brought in peace. And a greater capacity to hold peace for a longer period of time. Similar to the way contentment came in for me a few months ago.

In both classes we were aware of the time of year, autumn, the time to start going inward more. We were also reminded that we are in an eclipse cycle that includes Uranus, the change maker. So, hold on loosely to all your plans, be ready to go with the flow. This is why presence is so important. We are able to access our intuition easier when we are present and not working on auto pilot.

We know Saturn went direct and Saturn and Uranus work very well together. They will illuminate a path forward and help you walk it. They are very supportive energies when you are open, present and not in resistance.

On Monday we talked about life after death, not just in the way that my father is still with me, but in that I have experienced many deaths in this life. I lost a career I loved due to allergy, and I created a new one. I have had the death of a marriage, and I am new again without a partner.

I die over and over, every belief I loose, births a new reality. Every conditioned thought or idea that dies, gives me freedom and a new way of life. I am reborn regularly and I love it!

What parts of yourself are you willing to let die? Your stubbornness? What do you feel so right about that you can't let in another idea? What hurt are you holding on to that if you let it go, would give you freedom?

Thank you so much for sticking with all that! We do have a few spaces available in tonight's meditation class. Respond to the email or send me a text to (770)235-7599 if you would like to join us. The community aspect is real.

Using Human Design shows me how we share our energy, our gifts and talents with each other when we come together. Using words and even without words, we support one another. It is beautiful and I feel so lucky to get to do this!

So much love to you


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