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Post eclipse week

Astrological events give us access to energy, it isn’t something to plan your life around necessarily, but if you are on a path to discovering yourself, or why you feel the way you do right now You may find benefit in knowing the themes represented by said events Many of my friends, myself and definitely those who came to class Monday morning were all dealing with the same themes, just in different ways “This eclipse brought an end to a two year cycle and started the beginning of a whole new way to understand the Yin power of your own being. Something new is on the way and it will change everything, including our understanding of how to use the power of yin to transform a yang dominated, war torn world” This is a small portion of Star sister astrology’s post from Saturday I read the whole post before we went into meditation So I ended up not speaking much in meditation Please take some time to reflect on your own masculine and feminine within Are you balanced in your action and your stillness? Do you give credit to your intuition? Do you stay strong yet soft when you are confronted with the harsh or distorted masculine? In meditation we were asked to forgive ourselves for everywhere we participated in the patriarchal system, where it seemed to benefit us, especially where we were disempowered We listened to the bowls and many of their properties wanted to be spoken so they could penetrate us Be in the world, but not of it The bowl that brings balance, but that also takes us to parts unknown within us and outside of us And the Palladium Amethyst bowl which asks me to read about it lately “This bowl opens you to blessings that have as of yet been unavailable. It works as a cord cutter and contract completer for karmic and ancestral lineages. It is a powerful ally in helping you live your true state of free and clear” Continued use of palladium provides for a permanent synthesis of energies bringing a central oneness to the awareness and the actualization of individual creativity This brought a spaciousness and a strength to our YIN energy and we left feeling more stable, strong, light and clear

Private sessions So grateful to have had a nice response to the special price private sessions I feel so lucky to be able to work with people in this way I don’t talk about private sessions nearly as much as group gatherings because they are private and I never want to break confidence but I have to say after working with several new people last week, I am really good at what I do In every person I saw things they hadn’t even spoken about, but found resolve for with things they never thought could be seen or experienced differently It is so refreshing to have new eyes on you, from someone outside, who only wants to support you, and can see you without bias, no story and wants nothing except to help you see yourself with clarity, confidence, strength and love I have opened more space if you are interested in having some new eyes on you Reply to this email for an appointment $85 a session, buy as many as you like. Expire 12/21

Wednesday evening gathering We are celebrating cinnamon this week With cinnamon in our tea and the smell in the air For all it’s warming and abundant energy We will play in the energy of Yin and see what else wants to come through It is a very potent time to be together in support and gratitude We are not doing this alone Click here to register

More The descent opens tomorrow I will send another email later this week to share about that We are so very excited about the program this year I will also announce a weekend gathering soon Much love Sheri

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