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Online appointments only from July 19 - August 15

The energy of Monday Meditation in the next segment Next Wednesday July 19, I leave for Hawaii again I will return August 14 I see a percentage of clients online, and that will still work while I am away The energy of The Big Island of Hawaii is so supportive that I hope even though you could not meet me there in person this time, that you will take me up on an online session while I am there People who have had in person sessions are often amazed by the way a session feels equally as impactful online as it does in person. Sometimes more so. I often remember facilitating online sessions from Sedona and how the clients felt the impact of the energy from that powerful place. It is only second to being there in person One of the things I love about Hawaii is there is no interference. It is so far from anywhere and not cluttered with much energy outside of the land and the water and the magic it holds It is the perfect place for healing work for the mind, body and soul This Wednesday evening will be our last one until August 16 Click here to sign up I definitely feel a very special beverage and oil for the occasion Next Monday July 17 is our last Monday Meditation until August 21 Click here to sign up in person or online for this I am happy to offer group classes while I am away if anyone is interested and feel free to reach out if you need to see me privately before I go. It is summer and my schedule is usually less heavy due to people traveling, so I have space I will probably be in touch at least once while I am away to share what I am doing, what I am learning, and some magic from the island

Monday Meditation synopsis I spoke before class of an email I received about Chaos in the fields We talked about how chaos brings new order and new order wouldn’t happen without the chaos We dropped into meditation connecting to the column of light that comes down through our center connecting us to the core of the earth and to the universe. Today we tapped into the galactic center The Galactic Center loves to work in our bodies and it did that today to help us cleanse on the physical, emotional and mental level, the body and the brain We worked with our perception, we brought in the energy of expansion to help break some of the energetic barriers in the mind allowing ourselves to see a broader perspective We opened ourselves to seeing what we were holding onto that wasn’t actually supportive, and we invited the energy of people, concepts, ideas, synchronicity, opportunities, all things physical or cosmic that would be supportive I was reminded about another tool I started to use this weekend You know how I have been talking about choosing? What are you choosing now? and then reinforcing our choice again later and how important it is to keep choosing for yourself and for the collective good Well, I received another tool to help with that and it is about commitment Can you commit to taking care of your body? and for example, if you need to drink more water, commit to drinking this glass of water, then commit to drinking the next glass, but if you are having a hard time drinking 8 glasses a day, only commit to the one in your hand as to provide momentum You can commit to making a phone call or you can commit to one small part of a larger plan until all of a sudden, after you commit and commit again, you find yourself completing the whole plan. If fun is what you need, you can commit to calling a friend or signing up for an art/ dance class or whatever you think is fun. This is something that fosters momentum and keeps you on track with your projects and goals and moves you through chaos or any challenging time period So much love to you Sheri

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