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Not too loose, Not too tight

Whenever things go haywire or lots of surprising things happen in a short span of time, it is natural and normal to reach for what feels familiar, to try to mitigate problems, to try to control something… Anything really It is a fine line between being prepared and trying to control things that can’t or shouldn’t be controlled In tense times, control is sneaky and we are unaware that we are grasping Sometimes we are aware that we are frantic, but we don’t know what to do about it Begin Monday Meditation Now We started breathing the energy of acceptance into the physical heart and the left side of the heart chakra We acknowledged that we try to control our mood, we want to control business partners, medical establishments and family members so we brought love and compassion to those controlling parts of ourselves We breathed in and out the tops of the shoulders to not only lighten our load, but to ebb and flow with Saturn of all planets. Saturn is the planet of structure, one of the more difficult energies to integrate when he is retrograde and asking you to once again loosen your grip on your foundation, allow it to be cracked open and strengthened once more Patience and trust is what is required to integrate a new foundation If we try too hard to mitigate and control, we make things harder on ourselves. As long as we are taking time with/for ourselves, we will know when it is time to mitigate, but when that takes excessive force, we know it is not time There is a period of gathering data and taking good care of ourselves Our job is to keep ourselves clear, our bodies clean, connected to the earth and our higher self, move our body by stretching or walking. All in moderation, then we will be present enough to hear the next thing We worked with our adrenals to remind ourselves to breathe, so we CAN calm ourselves faster, choose more wisely It is more important than ever to choose something different. Don’t allow yourself to drop into the same old story of being a victim, being overwhelmed, the stories that say you don’t know how to do this, that you aren’t worthy, or that you aren’t strong enough, that you don’t want to do it anymore, that you are special or different, that you don’t belong Whatever your story, drop it! As we breathed into our belly, we were reminded that the future is being created at the same time we are living our present It is up to you Choose more empowering choices, ones that remind you that life is ultimately beautiful, that when you pay attention you are supported, that you have experienced love in this life, that you remember what vitality feels like, you have been given gifts and that you DO believe that we, as a collective, are moving forward, even if it is slowly There is an intelligence that we cannot fathom There is something larger going on that we are active participants in RIGHT NOW How are you choosing to participate?!

Wednesday Evening Meditation One of my favorite sessions of the week The Bowls are amazing If you are feeling called to connect with other people or more deeply to yourself, to experience loving or calming energy, to process the energy of right now please consider joining us We are present, supportive, safe and we laugh a lot click here to register online registration closes at 6pm Tuesday If it is Wednesday, reply to this email if you would like to join us Reply to this email if you would like to have a private session Lately people are seeing results with anxiety, compulsive eating, getting organized and creating healthier relationships Much love Sheri

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