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My last email from Hawaii

First things first

Sign up for Wednesday evening meditation! I have missed you, my community!

I can’t wait to be with you all again, share my alchemical singing bowls (which should arrive at my house Monday or Tuesday) and find out how you are all doing. I can’t believe it will be a month since we have been together. It has gone so fast! Yet, it also feels like a VERY long time in that wonky way that time is

If you would like a private session, send an email to or text (770)235-7599. I am back to work on Wednesday morning and have time Friday

Second, the fires on The Big Island were far away from me. I hardly saw any smoke. I did see some haze way out on the ocean probably from the fires in Maui

I hold all those affected by the fires in love and have witnessed the community here share resources to help the people who have lost so much, just like we did in Atlanta when Puerto Rico was hit by the hurricane a few years back. Being a sister island, there was much outpouring of grief, love and support

An interesting connection / reflection on my time here

As I sit and reflect about my time here, what I am aware of, is that I leaned even more deeply into going with the flow, I opened to even better things than I could have planned for myself, and in the last week and a half of the trip I used my knowledge and experience of the digestive system with the people I had met and some existing clients

Believe it or not, I do think my experience of flow here on the island and the clarity of my digestive track are related. Having a clear body leads to being able to read it better and “flow”. My group meditations and the medical community agree that the gut and the brain are intricately connected.

I know medical doctors say that the liver and colon know how to cleanse themselves, but they don’t talk much about the fact that in order for the liver and colon to cleanse itself, you must support it to do that, nor do they tell you how to support it. They definitely don’t talk about the fact that parasites create more stagnation AND control your thoughts

I could not be more grateful to have found those tumors in my liver and to have created protocols, and joined in existing protocols, to clear my body and my mind

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of the protocols and products I used, why I used them and maybe even links to purchase products if you want them

The integration of my time here

I didn’t do much adventuring in my last week on the island. I chose to swim, eat well, clean and care take. I fostered some of the relationships I created in my first week or two.

I am certain when I bring people here for a retreat, Pam, who hosted most of the sound baths I went to and connected me with the bowls I purchased will be offering sound for us. Her bowls offer other properties than the ones I purchased. She has about 10 magical bowls

In last week’s email I spoke about integration, and that is what all my time swimming, floating, and being on the earth was about. Allowing the current to take me, allowing the water to drain density, absorbing the sunlight through the water into my skin. It was my practice to get up around 5am, get down to the beach before anyone else and be home for breakfast

I thought about how many people don’t like to swim in the ocean because they don’t have as much control. I found that swimming with waves was beautiful and just like life. As the waves tried to carry me back out to sea, I relaxed instead of fighting it and quit trying to move forward

Then when there was ease, I would swim again. If I was under water or my legs got swept out from under me, I would allow it. I never once fought it, I never once got tired. I never felt like I was in danger, or too far from the shore. I was VERY far from the shore

I would go out for an hour at a time, moving between swimming, treading water and floating, experiencing ease, exercising, resting, looking at sea life under water, feeling grateful that I wasn’t with people who shamed me for putting myself in what they perceived as danger

It is a different experience in Hawaii than any beach I have been on the mainland. There are no ropes, no lifeguards, nobody with authority over you. You are expected to take care of yourself, know your ability, and respect your surroundings. In other words take responsibility for yourself

What a way to live!

Part of me wishes this was always my way of living, but honestly, I miss my son so very much, and I miss my community there in Birmingham. I am ready to come home

What I have been thinking these last few days as that desire to be back in Birmingham has grown is, I do not have to be in Hawaii or any other “special” place to flow with life, to feel connected to myself, to be in love with life, with land, with people, and treat myself and others with Aloha

Once recovered from traveling and spending time with my son, I will reconnect with a few people who got in contact with me right before I came to the island wanting to spend time together. I will rediscover the magic city anew. I will go to new places, I will drive different paths to some of the same places. I will ask God or the universe to put me in the path of new people, new experiences, and give me a sense of the magic that I know is available anywhere and everywhere on earth

Much love to you

I hope to see you soon


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