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More new sounds bowls and how to deal with your own resistance

I couldn’t be more excited to share the news

I have added two new bowls to my family

They will be coming to Wednesday evening meditation and every other gathering and private session that follows

Click here if you know you want to join us

Gathering this week will have a warm coconut, cinnamon, cardamom, blue butterfly pea powder beverage to soothe our nervous system into a state of ease and assist the fountain of youth property in the Andara bowl I wrote about below

They are just as beautiful and sound amazing adding wonderful new components to the sound and the alchemy the family provide

The first set of bowls I purchased in Hawaii were as much about the physical body and health as the chakras they activated

These new bowls are more about connecting to the ethers and being able to bring spirit down into our physical experience

I am giving you the shortest synopsis of the properties below

The green bowl is Andara and platinum

This bowl activates the pineal and connects you more clearly to your inner home. It is like a sonic bridge to where you belong, and through the pulsing tones of this bowl, information and messages from the ethers can find and serve you

Green andara is a renewing stone that contains the fountain of youth

The dark grey bowl is palladium and amethyst

This bowl opens you to blessings that have as of yet been unavailable. It works as a cord cutter and contract completer for karmic and ancenstral lineages. It is a powerful ally in helping you live your true state of free and clear

We all know the properties of amethyst, but palladium - whew

Continual use of palladium has been known to provide impetus to advance the transformation of one’s life into the vision of the new and conscious humanity. It further assists in providing augmentation to the social skills necessary for both interaction and associations which support growth

It has been used to stimulate the electrical energy within the body to maintain alignment between the physical and ethereal body and moderate emotional intensity in all situation. It can be used to treat disorders of the lungs, cerebral cortex and the circulatory system. It can reduce the violence of dis-ease

Click here if you would like to join us Wednesday

I am using the bowls in private session as well. Almost everyone goes deeper and assimilates more energy saying there just aren’t words for the experience, but it is amazing

Click here to book a private sessions

packages of three are recommended, but you may choose that after you come in the first time

Connecting to your wise advocate

I have made connecting to my wise advocate a daily practice and when we went into meditation Monday, I was reminded that this is how I am making it through this time period

When I read the astrology reports I keep seeing words like chaos, change, intensity

I have a friend that when we talk on the phone and one of us mentions that it feels heavy or hard, we remind each other that in 15 minutes

(or hours) the way we feel is going to change

We cleared our body and our field, as I have said before in this intensity of time, we need to make our energetic hygiene a regular practice

We saw a cellular detox in the blood and in the pancreas, liver, spleen and lungs

We will do more organs next week, I imagine

We spent time with our wise advocate/ future self in silence

Then we connected with our resistance, the parts of ourselves that resist being imperfect, resist the imperfect world we live in, our emotions buried within, or the time period we live in

Then we opened the resistance, not in a mean or drive it away kind of way, we just opened it, so that it might be able to accept the energy that is pulsing in

The energy that is new or different than we have ever experienced before

We spent time training our body to accept large influxes of energy

Finally we spoke about our importance, and acknowledged we often move back and forth between thinking we are more important than we are, or far less important

So we cleaned both sides of the coin and acknowledged that we would allow ourself to have a beautiful experience regardless of importance

How I use what happens in meditation in real life?

Today I woke up agitated. I was woken several times in the night by a suffering animal. After a while I remembered the piece about resistance. And I know that agitation is related to the resistance of what is. So, I found that in my body, the hard places where the energy could not flow and I opened the resistance. I felt my body calm. I had to do that several times, but it is working, and it is getting faster

The people who come regularly to gatherings or sessions tell me the same kind of thing. They remember in times of stress what they learn

What I do doesn’t take the “life” out of life, but it sure helps live life with less stress and creates a more go with the flow kind of feel most of the time

I hope you have had a wonderful start to October

Much love


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Nello Seymour-Clark
Nello Seymour-Clark
Oct 03, 2023

Love this blog! Feeling Excited to join you, soon! Much Love 💜🧚‍♀️

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