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Messages from Meditation from 8-1-22

Almost everyone I know is in the midst of some kind of change or turmoil. We love those ones that bring joy and freedom and often we resist the ones that are hard, but we must lean in and learn from all of them. We must change with the times in order to make our lives easier while we move through.

Today's meditation was powerful.

I will speak a very little bit about astrology and why we are in this current energy cycle to the best of my ability. I remind you that I am not an astrologer and I have my own relationship with the planets, just like I do with the earth. So, what I say their messages are to me, might not 100% align with what you read in astrology reports, but none the less, I am told the messages are powerful for my people.

Today there is a conjunction with Uranus, Mars and the north node. Uranus is the change maker, Mars is action, masculine, and fiery, but the message he gives through me is that he helps you break through your glass ceiling. The north node is about where we are going as an individual and as a society and global community.

We are merging mind, heart and our gut. That has been a theme for the last month or two. We do this to stabilize. I always say that for our intuition to be accurate, we must be grounded. Besides that, lots of people speak of knowing truth in the gut. When we join them all, we operate more efficiently. Breathe deeply to do this.

Mars came in first to remind us that we can break through our glass ceiling. And I love when Mars talks about love. We have a glass ceiling here, how much we are willing to love ourselves and especially how much love we are willing to accept from others.

Mars spoke of bringing more love into our actions, and Mars reminded us about what love is. Love is boundaries and strength as much as love is softness and service.

Everyone is gaining more connection to their higher self if they are interested. And more than that, if they are willing to notice, because it can be subtle. In other cases it can be huge.

We were encouraged to create a daily practice of connection morning and evening. Saturn and Neptune are retrograde. Retrogrades are times of reflection to see what is working and what is not.

Can you build a little more structure in your life to keep you stable? This practice can be two or three minutes at a time.

In the simplest terms Saturn represents structure. Internal and external structure is involved here according to his specific messages to me.

Neptune represents our dream state, spirituality, our unconscious and subconscious. There is much rewiring or our sub and unconscious minds going on in dream time which is why it might be more important to do this morning and evening.

Allow the weight of the world to lift off your shoulders. Allow yourself to know what your responsibilities are and what other's are. It may or may not be your job to tell them, just know what is yours. And IF there comes a time when you have to talk about it with someone because you have been taking care of what is not yours, then that is definitely appropriate.

The meditation is an experience. We go into theta state for around 41 - 44 minutes. You are welcome to join us online or in person. 10 am central time every Monday morning. I might share these synopsis more often. I am feeling the need to share more. I am also happy to sell the recording. If enough people are interested, I might just put them on my website.

If you can't or don't want to join in, please breathe deeply while you read. The information becomes part of you and it is easier to integrate the concepts into your daily life instead of just in your mind.

So much love to you.


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