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Magic, Alchemy and Transformation

Every time we play in magic, we must take some time to allow the alchemy. Magic is fun and I am so grateful to be in a such a beautiful place where magic is everywhere, but what I also experience on the other side of this is sometimes uncomfortable or uneasy, and takes presence to allow the transformation that is available from experience

If you have followed me the last few years, you know that from May 2020 through the beginning of this year I experienced anything and everything besides magic!

What that taught me is resilience, it increased my capacity for presence, and as hard as the death after death that I went through in my personal life was, I am grateful for the capacity to handle the DEPTH of what was present and get moving when it was time to finally rise again

In my time here on this island, I have shared with you mostly the joy and beauty of being here. There has been an abundance of it

Then last week I met an energy healer that has a style and precision I hadn’t experienced so far from anyone I worked with, played with or even paid for the privilege to learn from. I have spent some quality one on one time with him, several times in the last week

Since then, there have been times of sheer exhaustion and the need to move density, clear blocks and disturbances from my body, mind and my field

These last three years have taught me that doing this work doesn’t have to be hard or bad, we certainly should not resist processing when there is a need to

Things move quickly from the body and the field when we come to the table with acceptance and surrender and the knowledge that what is on the other side of the discomfort is freedom

I have learned when I am cleaning up my energy, I clean my body and my surroundings. I create new physical order

Perfect timing considering I will go back to Angel Farms Tuesday to see the team I was with in the spring, and do more deep cleansing of my body

I fully feel this time and experience on The Big Island has already changed me and my work for the better, and will continue to do so as I continue to alchemize, restructure, release and restore my body and soul

I can feel that I truly am receiving everything this island had in store for me on this trip. This land, water, plant kingdoms, the sound bowls, and the community are continuing to help alchemize my shadow and bring me more into the light so that I might align even more with my self and share a truth that helps bring people into their truth

Grateful is a word that barely conveys my heart

Every time I get more tapped into me, I can tap more into you. That is my gift to you

Are you ready to be more of yourself, open to your magic, your presence, find your flow and experience the fullness of life that brings you to all you were meant to be?

I mean physical health, mental and emotional health, living with purpose, enjoying your relationships

All the things that make life worth living

If so, please reply to this email and let’s get started

I have appointments available Thursday afternoon and evening central time this week and then I am back to my regular schedule on Wednesday, August 16

I can’t wait to share what I have learned. I feel the energy building and I am almost ready to come home to the magic city (I do love that Birmingham is called the magic city) and bring all this transformational energy with me

Much love


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