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Let's normalize not being great every day

That was the first thing that came into Monday Meditation Life is full of light, easy days and then heavy days, and everything in between Our families and our culture promote feeling good and productivity above everything else If not, “you must be doing something wrong” That is a sneaky little thought program I don’t like to play in right and wrong, but that program is wrong We spent some time in meditation releasing heaviness and balancing our between allowing ourselves to have a bad day and playing with what point we make efforts to change the way we feel? That is going to look different for everyone We were asked to remain sober I know when I move my body or reach out to friends, that can shift me if I have been sitting in sadness or grief. Most of the time it just waves through and I am able to move on Unattached is another word I have been working with since Saturday’s meditation Unattached came into meditation again today. As we release our expectations of everything, we flow with far more ease and grace from one state to the next, meaning there are more opportunities for moments of joy when we don’t judge the way something should be, the way someone should act, feel or anything Take the hands of Pluto and Uranus, or your future self / wise advocate because as you surrender to the fact that things happen on this earth that change the course or direction of your life, there is always help that will walk you forward in times of heaviness, chaos and change

Wednesday Meditation And a bit about Breath and Bowls I have decided to stop calling these classes. They are beautiful Gatherings I am, as always, looking forward to Wednesday. It is pure magic to have community feel safe enough to talk about their lives and love one another through it Plus the laughter, whatever we are working with, there is usually laughter Since it is officially autumn, we will be settling into tea and warm drinks I have brought some chocolate mint home from the spring last weekend to add to our tea, which I think we all loved a few weeks ago. Chocolate mint is a little deeper and softer and might be my new favorite for teas We will have cacao at least once in October. I am also feeling into a warm coconut milk with cardamom and blue butterfly pea powder - delicious and oh so good for our nervous system, skin and hair! Click here to sign up for Wednesday The Breath and Bowls class was wonderful on Saturday. It filled in less than 36 hours What works better for you for special weekend classes, Saturday morning at 10am or Sunday afternoon around 4:00? Please reply to this email if you have a favorite time I won’t be bringing in a class every weekend, but I feel like there is a need for weekends For these classes, I like the idea of talking you into meditation and talking you out, leaving a lot of time for the sound bowls to work their magic for inner reflection or messages from your wise one within to come forward for you Equinox Blessings So much love to you Sheri

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