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Intimacy that has nothing to do with sex

Honesty within leads to balance and intimacy

I am talking about the kind of intimacy that doesn't have anything to do with sex. The kind of intimacy where you can show up exactly as yourself, you can allow others to show up exactly as themselves. You don't judge or feel judged. You know that you are human and doing the best you can, and you know that the people you are safe to be intimate with are doing the same thing. I would like you to imagine, what would it feel like to accept all parts of yourself? This next question, I would love for you to not answer, but just open to the curious nature of the question allowing the answer to drop in whenever it does, what does it even mean to know yourself? These were the questions I was guided to ask in meditation Monday. I love how we were then guided into our bodies to breathe physical healing through the pores of our skin directly into our bloodstream and throughout the body. I couldn't plan the meditations better if I did plan them. It works really well to introduce something like that and then divert attention so the energy can do what it does without mind interference. We brought vitality, aliveness, and most importantly after a period of time falling into the void, we brought in our unique energy signatures that were original to us even before we came into these bodies. You can do this yourself with intention. However, we took a bit longer than usual this morning to link together as a group. This helps. We all opened and went together into an unknown dark or blank space that allowed ourselves to connect in to deeper layers of self. This is what it means to find your light by going into the dark. It was so powerful. Nobody wanted to leave after the class. We all felt so seen, so loved, so unjudged that we sat and talked and laughed and felt at home with each other. It was one of our best classes ever. (they tell me I say that every time, but I mean it EVERY time)

I am not sure what would bring about a capacity to be intimate with ourselves and those around us more than our original, unique energy signature.

When it doesn't feel safer in group, that is why I facilitate private sessions, for those even more tender, personal or private moments where you need more focus, when you have more questions, or you just don't know what you need. Much love to you and my wish for you this week is that you claim back more of your original and unique energy signature Sheri

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