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I was reminded about some things I said while in Hawaii this summer

Monday morning meditation participants and private sessions have shown me that a lot of people are feeling the intensity of the energy right now

Change is in the air and although we are not privy to all of the changes coming our way, there are some things we can do

We can be willing to experience life differently, we can put our focus on the general feelings we are asking for, we can foster new neural connections by brushing our teeth (or any activity) with the opposite hand. We can drive new routes to familiar destinations. We can take lion’s mane

I talked a lot about choosing our thoughts and our emotional state back in the spring and summer while I was going through my health challenges, and I must admit that during this portal, I don’t seem to have quite as much choice, my prayer in the morning goes a bit like this

I commit to doing my best, to choosing grace, to as much joy as is available, to life and to living it fully

What I am also aware of is that the eclipse intensity will continue through the new year for SOME of us, and that our friend Pluto, who holds our hand in the underworld, is going to move from the master degrees of Cardinal Earth into Aquarius January 20

What this could mean is that we have been being asked to master all earthly things for the last few years (Pluto moves slow) and that cycle is coming to a close

Pluto will move into the sign of Aquarius.

This is the sign of innovation, community and the future.

I am here for THAT!

In writing this, I am also reminded that during that time in the spring that I had more choice about my life, my body, my attitude, Pluto had moved into Aquarius for a while before he turned retrograde back in Capricorn

If you feel like private support would be helpful for you, please reply to this email

to book an appointment

I have reduced my rate for the rest of the month to $85

The Descent

You might remember that last winter I helped facilitate a program with my friend Morgan Sowards called The Descent

Morgan and I are gearing up for round two

Winter 2024

Whether you joined us last year for this program or not, winter is a time for going inward, learning more about yourself, about growing your roots deep and we hope you consider joining us

This program is going to be even better this year

We have both honed our skills and brought in new modalities that have shaped our practices

We are SO excited!

Our integration kit is upgraded as well

The doors to registration open November 1, but the web page is up now and you can

There is even a waitlist so you can be the first to know once you can register

Wednesday Evening Meditation

As the second eclipse is approaching this weekend, may we gather together to support one another and be supported

May we remember

We are not alone

We are loved

May we allow the vibration of the bowls to gently move the most stagnant energy from our bodies and help realign us to a more stable energy body

I have been playing with medicines and making new sprays and oils to support us physically, mentally and emotionally

I always look forward to sharing them

Click here to register

Much love


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