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I released liver cancer last week

Updated: May 23, 2023

I worked with my body over the last 8 weeks to prepare it to do that. I have a few more weeks before my body is fully back in balance and as strong as I would like, but I am so excited to share the fact that the test results reflect my experience of seeing the tumors that I had been watching in the bowl after a liver cleanse on Tuesday morning. They were the exact size and shape of the imaging. If we know and love each other, and I did not tell you, please understand that navigating other people’s fear and concern and practical nature of being with the other possibility was just too hard. I will talk about any of it now though! I am grateful to Dr Elliott, out of The Ryan Clinic here in Birmingham, a frequency machine calibrated to kill the microbe that causes cancer made by Clint Folsom and the team at Angel Farms in Hawaii paired with my own focus, skills, intuition, trust in myself, trust in my body. And my friend Shannon who talked juice, foods that heal and all things liver cancer as I honed my diet and my practice over the first month. I will share more in the next few weeks about which tools I used and all the ways I found strength, resolve, and continued to choose thriving on a daily basis. There is just too much to share in one email. I often tell my clients that when I know what the problem is, I can help heal it. Thank goodness I went back to Dr Elliott who could tell me what was going on. I had been trying for years to deal with what I thought was menopause and even the integrative doctor here in town was not interested or could not help me find optimal health. I used all the tools in my toolbox plus Brainspotting, which I only learned in February, to assess my situation, find my treatment plan, learn about the consciousness of parasites and cancer, and do the work necessary to find myself and my body’s health once again. They say cancer is a teacher, and I came to the table as a student and a master, in curiosity and in choice. There was only one option, and that was to thrive. There is still only that one option, to thrive. I am taking the gifts that the universe is offering me, and I am excited and nervous about it. I am sure I don’t even know what they all are right now, but I am getting what I asked for in the most unusual ways. I made some pretty bold asks and claims the beginning of the year. The universe had me playing a game before I ever realized how sick I was, “If I got some kind of awful diagnosis, what would I do? How would I spend my money?” It would always be, go to hawaii, work and live life like I really want to now instead of waiting for my son to grow up. He is nearly grown, 17 years old soon! I have now been offered the best deal ever, for 3 weeks, on a house on The Big Island in late July into August. Who wants to come to the big island for a personal retreat? We will meditate and do energy healing daily. I will provide fresh juice, soup and nutrition twice a day to nourish the specific needs of your body and teach you how to do it. We will use brainspotting to unravel the unhealed parts of your mind and your body. We will float in the sea, hike to waterfalls if that is available to you, play in rivers, be with flowers, ferns and vegetation of all kind and integrate a new way of being in your body and in your life. I can do this one on one or with a small group of 2-3. That is not impossible to do in your back yard, but it is 100% easier to change your health, your body, your perspective when you get out of your environment and change what you are looking at. The same phrase kept echoing in my mind when I was thinking of leaving my son for 2.5 weeks to go for treatment “you can’t heal this condition in the same environment where it was created” I have changed, I look forward to seeing all the ways. Finally 2 weeks after coming home from Hawaii I am noticing how different I am. What things that left my routine that just aren’t coming back in the same way and sometimes I can tell, not at all. I invite you to have a conversation with me to see if we are a good fit for this type of retreat or if you want to work here locally or over zoom. We will work with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It takes all of that for a whole health and life result. Reply to this email if you want to talk about what the perfect retreat would look like for you. I have to admit, I am really good at helping people heal the body. I have healed 2 un healable conditions in my own body and helped countless others dissolve cysts and improve their health in ways that are unimaginable. I have just never been bold enough to claim this strength. Part of my lesson is being bold, so spread the word if you know anyone who wants to heal their body please. This week’s meditation was on Grace and Buoyancy We started meditation listening to the new crystal bowl and chimes. We brought in the energy of buoyancy, resiliency, and grace. We brought this into the body just inside the hip flexors, circling throughout the hips and eventually down through the legs. We realized we didn’t need the kind of grace that forgives, because we are only human, and there is nothing to forgive ourselves for except not knowing what we were never given the right environment to learn. We did some work in the brain with eye movements which break up old patterns, you get to create the new thoughts or ideas that take their place. I can feel the similarity to brainspotting, what this does for the brain, even in group. We did some deep, deep work releasing cob webs, rigid thoughts and heaviness in the brain. It was wonderful to feel the clarity about an hour after class. We opened to the deeper recesses of the lungs than what we ever have before. We expanded the perception of our heart and I played the bowl for a minute or two to really help ground the expanded perception. I look forward to playing with more sound and connecting with your bodies in a deeper way as I have access to even more now that my body is healthier.Wednesday evening meditation As always, I look forward to Wednesday evening. I will be talking to everyone about Kava, a new beverage I am in love with, to see if we all want to try it I have also been inspired by cold drinks infused with fruit and herbs made in the vitamix, not exactly a smoothie, but more than a tea. I feel the change in season requires a change in how we receive our medicine and nourish our bodies I know at least one of our regulars is out of town this week, so we will have extra space if you are interested in finding support with a group and getting more connected to your body and your intuition. This group dynamic is powerful! To register click here or reply to this email if after 6 on Tuesday So much love to you, and thank you for celebrating with me, because I am certain you are! Sheri
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