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I hope you have a practice of getting in touch with yourself

Today’s meditation was on self trust

There are times in life when chaos ensues and the only thing you can trust is you, what brings you peace, what you know to be true

We are moving in a time right now where change is happening, whether we see it or not, whether we know what it is or what to do with it - all this remains to be seen - but in these times, you are your own best compass if you have a practice that brings you back to you

Monday meditation was so beautiful this morning. We had the sweetest and most supportive crowd. If you were there, know I am so very grateful for you!

We tapped into the most exalted version of ourselves

Exalted doesn’t mean above anyone else, it does mean the highest version of ourselves or who we came here to be

Are you willing to have compassion for yourself, for your attitude or your response to whatever happened

That made you lose trust?

We chose to again trust

our knowing

our intuition

our heart

our gut

And since we have been practicing tapping into the wisdom in the deep recesses of our mind, we chose to trust that as well

We took our time to let that trust permeate the entirety of our body and being and we opened our crown to connect more deeply to our higher self

I will be taking the next 3 Mondays off, so you will not be hearing from me again until after the first of May

I hope you take some time be with yourself and tap into your exalted self, being ready to take action on whatever opportunities rise for you

Wednesday evening Mediation

If you are regular or semi regular with me, I hope you come this week

There is a lot going on that I want to share with you

After this Wednesday, our next Wednesday evening session will be May 3

So much love and gratitude for you all



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