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How to connect when there are distortions everywhere

Coming home from the most magical month, I have had to hit the ground running with health crisis in 4 of my inner circle including my son. I have had to lean on everything I have learned this year and all the years leading up to it Monday meditation served me and everyone who was there I share with you because being human is a constant, it isn’t going to calm down, and we can always learn, grow and be human better My biggest lesson this year was that sometimes the distortions come from within. Some call them demons or trauma responses or weaknesses I learned this year they can be physical, they have a larger influence on your brain than I would have ever thought before and can be called parasites, cancer, viruses, microbes or bacteria At the bottom of this email I will include some resources if you want to check into ways to physically clear your body of some of these influences Monday meditation addressed the distortions that come from within and the distortions that come from the outside We dropped right in the center of the earth and tied our grounding cord around the core We then opened up to the grand central sun We connected to our body, by choice and awareness, beyond the influences of anything living off our bodies like parasites, bacteria, viruses, microbes or anything else acknowledging that all living things hold a frequency and when these things grow in us without being addressed they create distortion in us We must do something physical to keep them in balance because we can connect to ourselves without that spiritually, but it is exhausting and takes so much of our energy and resources that it makes it more difficult to sustain our connection much less act on the direction we receive So many of these influences are creating addiction Connection and presence is the antidote to addiction I noticed a few days ago that I was reaching for snacks, healthy snacks, but more snacks than I have eaten in the last 8 months With the stress and responsibility of loved ones in hospitals, going back to doing more for my child than I have had to do in a year, and even that one or two glasses of wine off the table, there was nothing to distract me from the emotion of losing a good and constant friend Yesterday I woke up and knew I had to go back to fasting. There was no part of me that was starving. I ate really well in Hawaii. It was healthy for my body and my mind, and that even healthy food was keeping me from moving this grief and stress through my body, and it certainly didn’t serve me or anyone else to keep it stagnant inside my body! What are you doing, consuming, or not doing that keeps you from being fully connected and /or present? Once we get control of our body, we can work on our field I had some energy work done while in Hawaii that helped seal my field tight to outside influences, so we worked in the field in a stronger way than we had before We acknowledged that sometimes when we are in the presence of very strong energy, we can feel dulled to our senses or intuition and we visualized that we had an antenna that we could pull out of the top of our head (like a ‘70’s or 80’s tv antenna, is what I pictured) and we just extended it beyond the distorted energy That distortion or static can come from the news, from strong people, from other people’s parasites, microbes and viruses Some might say we dim our light around certain people, and that might be the case, but we can choose to connect to a frequency above what is creating the dimming It is a practice, and I was reminded that this will be a theme in meditations for the next few weeks. It took a long time for us to create a way of being. It stands to reason that it will take some time to create a new way of being The practice always evolves as we play with it Regardless of the heaviness I have spoken of, I still consider what I do to be play I feel like that is what makes my work mine We can go back and forth between lightness and heaviness We can have joy and sorrow at the same time Life is a very complex thing and I am here for all of it

Please sign up for Wednesday Meditation We are learning to live in that complexity that is life and it is my joy to be able to share the fullness of life with people Most of us were not taught to live to the fullest, to allow ourselves to experience all of it in the complexity that it is The people that come are doing that and it is beautiful to watch I create a safe space and an experience that is like no other, especially with the sound bowls that I bought and are coming to all the classes Sign up here Online registration closes at 6pm on Tuesday, but often we are not full, so respond to this email or send a text if you would like to join (770)235-7599

Walden Farmacy is my first choice for medicines They offer the parasite formula that I work with They offer anti virals and anti bacterial products Website If you don't know what you need email Joanna Joanna Mann is an herbalist with a heart and intuition that I admire and respect You can talk to her about anything and she not only knows what might work for you, she will talk to you about how natural medicines work with or against each other and how they interact with pharmaceuticals so you are safe If you need hydrotherapy to quickly clear your intestines, my choice is Healing Waters off University Ave in Birmingham There is nothing like a clean colon to clear your mind and energize your body, and if you have not done this before, you need a package of several because even if you have bowel movements daily, you don’t release everything. Parasites nest in the mucus wall and cause greater stagnation If you wonder if you have parasites, you do! Every human does if you eat They are in meats and vegetables. If you swim in lakes or rivers or walk barefoot, you have them Across time history, religion and cultures a time of fasting was recommended to keep them in balance in your body Hydrotherapy was written in the dead sea scrolls, so even before the processed foods and the chemicals we live with today, it was recommended for health and clarity

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