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How do I make myself available for contentment or any other state of being?

Even when we are unaware, it is our conscious or unconscious resistance/fears that keeps us from accessing states of being or emotion. As an energy healer and therapist, I can help you become available for any frequency or emotion that I have embodied. That is part of my job as an energy healer and therapist to partner with you to help adjust your frequency and flow. If you want to know how I became available to it, read on. It was a process. I started to notice years ago that contentment wasn't something I could hold for very long periods of time. It came and went without my consent. It has been in my nature all my life to wonder what the next adventure was going to be as soon as I experienced any adventure. I appreciate how I have always welcomed an adventure. I have enjoyed my sometimes overly inquisitive mind, with that thirst for knowledge and experience and to learn from other's lives and stories and culture. That is who I am at my core, an adventurer who connects with humans, the earth and the cosmos and anything else who wants to share its' wisdom and way of being for fun or for mutual growth and evolution. However, I felt like balance would be easier if I could embody for a greater length of time, contentment. So, as always, I reached out to the universe (including the earth) to ask how I could embody contentment. You might know that once you ask for something you might experience the opposite, so here I was being happy, peaceful, in acceptance, but less content!!! That was weird, uncomfortable and annoying sometimes. I went on and lived my life as normal, balancing life as I do with all the joy, responsibility and love that is in me. A few months ago "seeds of contentment" started to come into meditation class and into private sessions. In group I would see little golden lights in seed shapes descending down into our bodies. These visuals are energetic blueprints. In the private sessions we recognized the fears that prevent contentment. The fear of complacency, the fear of the universe not giving any more adventure if we were not conjuring it or asking for it. There was fear of boredom. Fear of losing interest in taking care of ourselves. How interesting the human brain is!. In session we breathe and untangle their grip. I can't tell you how my energy body does that, but over the years I have seen this done with people and myself over and over again. When we recognize the fears, especially when they don't make sense, they can't have the same hold on us Weeks after this, I happen to be out in the woods noticing the moss. Where I was in Tennessee there were more types of moss in one area than I had ever noticed before. I really spent some time petting them, smelling them, admiring them. Sitting among the moss on the rocks, meditating, watching how the colors of green were different, the textures different. I was just amazed. I felt the beingness of the moss. I felt it as a presence, each type different, but similar. As my body climbed over the rocks, I felt a deeper intimacy with the earth. I had made some space, for what at the time, I was not sure. I just knew something magical was happening. Once I got up and used my body in a very physical way, I then laid down to rest and I felt contentment slide deep in my body and bones. I said out loud "I am so content"! I was almost surprised to hear myself say it. And I knew the moss had shared their wisdom. I claimed that vibration or frequency as my own as I was grateful to them for their gift. I talked about it as much as I could that afternoon. I woke up the next morning by that waterfall where all the moss grew knowing its' essence, I had been breathing in all night long. I talked about it as much I could that day. I meditated alone with the frequency on Sunday evening and again on Monday in group meditation. I really tended the frequency, and appreciated how it felt in my body. You have to train your body into the new. I noticed how that allowed the frequencies that repelled contentment to rise out of my body. I was grateful again for the release of the imbalance. Life is such a beautiful and rich experience. Who knew that a day and night in the woods in Tennessee would offer a growth experience that had been being cultivated in me for so long? I am so grateful for my work, for my awareness, for who I am and for the gifts of energy that I have spent the last 17 (if not all 50) years cultivating. This long story, this is why we cultivate a meditation practice, so that in the background, you are always becoming more aware, always cultivating the energy that will help to balance you, make you more well rounded, and doing it at a pace that is easy. It doesn't have to take over your whole life, just making regular space for it in your life, makes life better. The gifts are endless. Meditation classes are more general in nature. We meditate on what people share in the beginning of class, what I am personally working with and what is going on in the cosmos. Private sessions are more direct and personal. We delve deep into you and make changes in your physical body, mental and emotional bodies. It is usually done with some laughter and lightness. This type of therapy is usually easier to assimilate into your life. Most people really appreciate that about working with me. Click here to register for Monday meditation. Online or in person 10am central. Recordings will be sent out if you can't attend live. Click here to book a private session either online or in person I wish you contentment, love and joy Sheri

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