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Have you been triggered lately?

Monday we started meditation in the void

Wild and Intense were the words we used to describe our last week before we started class Monday morning. We had all been triggered by things. I have reminded a lot of people lately that we have to go back and look at our core wounds from time to time. The things we thought we had sorted, sometimes aren't as orderly as we thought. As we evolve, we have to go back and look again from another perspective, and then a year or two later, another perspective.

I expected to go deep into the underworld since we were all having to deal with some shadow lately, but surprisingly, we went out into the expanse of the void. We ended up in space, floating, without much light around, but feeling the opposite of intense, the opposite of wild. We felt calm, held in lightness, without any charge.

Rumi was quoted a few times. This is one of my favorites. "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there." That is how I felt about the void space.

That doesn't mean that there are no things that are right and wrong. We are taking about the fact that we learn the most from our mistakes. I LOVE humans who are real and honest and doing the work of being a better person while embracing their humanity.

We worked again in the lungs, breathing in through the mouth so the air was cooler and felt like it went deeper into our lungs to clear energetic heaviness from our bodies.

The Rumi quote "the wound is where the light enters" was spoken. Essentially to me that means, if we have never been wounded, we never appreciate or even have access to our true nature, we need to be 'broken" sometimes in order to see more clearly. (I am not talking about abuse and neglect)

We allowed the energy to soften the fragmented places inside us that felt edgy or sharp. The places in us that were hard, became lighter The light was individual bringing more of our true nature into our bodies.

We talked a lot about not taking things personal. That is one of The Four Agreements, and I have to say this is the one I love the most. We never really know what people are going through and with the intensity of the energy lately, we should have compassion for everyone!

Mars energy flooded the room, reminding us that he is retrograde. This happens about every 2 years giving us the opportunity (some would say forcing us) to look at our motivation, integrate hidden anger, and help us become more productive by seeing where we can make some changes.

We can't take the energy of the solar system personal either. Mars didn't go retrograde just to make YOUR life move slower or harder. The eclipse moon energy which seems to have made some emotional waves isn't out to get you. We can use the energy in a reflective way, to make ourselves function better, or we can take it personal and be mad at the universe for disrupting our life. It is absolutely your choice how you look at things. I usually choose to be reflective and conscious. And give the people in my life some grace. It makes living easier.

So, how can we engage in life and take things less personally? We were told to do a dance between engagement in life and then taking some time to go out into that expanse of nothing, pure potential, the field that has nothing to do with wrongdoing or right doing.

Engage, retreat and expand our perception, and then engage again.

p.s. the four agreements is a small and powerful book

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